Day 31: Personal Days

Every day when I got home from work this week I’ve been exhausted for no apparent reason. Seriously, I can’t remember the last time I’ve been this tired and it hasn’t been from physical activity. Because of this I decided to take today off from work using one of my personal days. It was SO nice! I slept in, and ran some errands; we’ll see how I am tomorrow, but I think it’ll help.

Personal days are so nice because you don’t have to schedule them in advance. If something comes up, or you just feel like taking a day off, you can!

Day 31: Thank you Lord for personal days at work. There are times when I just need a day off, and it’s great to be able to take them.

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Day 30: Watches

My watch battery died today. Now I know that might not seem like a big deal to a lot of people, but it is to me. It’s not often I go out of the house without it. I like being able to look at my wrist and be able to know what the time is. I know that’s what most people use their phones for nowadays, but mine isn’t always handy in my pocket or purse, and having the time on your wrist makes things so much easier.

I especially missed having my watch at work today. There aren’t any clocks visible from my desk, my computer screen isn’t always on, and I’m not allowed to have my phone on my desk. I go crazy if I don’t have access to the time at all times, even if I don’t need it. I find if I don’t know the approximate time I often get really behind which often gets me in trouble.

Day 30: Thank you Lord for watches, they are such a nice way to find out the time that you can take anywhere!

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Day 29: Water

I get dehydrated VERY easily, so I am always drinking water. I usually have a bottle or cup of water somewhere close by. I used to hate water, it was so plain tasting to me, but I’ve acquired a taste for it and now it’s pretty much the only thing I drink outside of meals. (I rarely drink water with food if I can help it because I like a change)

Before I liked water I used to get sick A LOT; headaches, dizziness, general not feeling well, you get the idea. People kept telling me it might be dehydration but I ignored them, until I started college. I started getting thirsty in class and I couldn’t leave to get something to drink so I started bringing a water bottle with me to class.

I was AMAZED by the difference! I didn’t get sick nearly as much, and when I did it usually wasn’t as bad. Now when I start feeling sick I immediately start drinking water, and it usually helps.

Day 29: Thank you Lord for water. Thank you for showing me how necessary it is to my health, and for showing me something to help me feel better.

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Day 28: Youtube

Besides Facebook and perhaps my e-mail websites, the website I visit the most is Youtube. But unlike what it seems most people who use the site do I don’t usually look at videos people have made. I like watching tv shows and movies, especially tv shows that I loved as a kid that aren’t shown on tv anymore. It brings me right back to my childhood. (they definitely don’t make them like they used to!) I do watch other videos, I LOVE Improv Everywhere, and there are a few others I’ll watch on occasion, but they’re not what I’m most likely to watch when I go on.

Day 28: Thank you Lord for Youtube! It’s so much fun to watch videos on there.

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Day 27: Yard Sticks

I’ve been working on a large crochet project, which needs to be within certain dimensions. When I started I used a yard stick to measure my chaining to make sure it was the correct length before continuing on. Today as I was working on it I noticed that the width (what I had originally chained) seemed much smaller than it should be, so I decided to get the yard stick out again to check. It was more than a foot shorter than it should’ve been! (I’m still not exactly sure how that happened!) While the prospect of starting the whole project over again is frustrating I am grateful that God prompted me to check it, and that yard sticks make it so easy to measure the dimensions I need for this project.

Day 27: Thank you Lord for yard sticks! They are so handy when you need to measure something flexible.

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Day 26: Figure Skating

I still remember the first time I saw my favorite sport figure skating during the 1992 Winter Olympics. I loved the combination of athleticism and music, and have loved it ever since. While I have never actual skated myself I love watching it and imagining what it’s like to fly around the ice.

I enjoy watching all four disciplines of the sport: Men’s, Women’s, Pairs and Ice Dance. (if they ever broadcast syncro I’ll probably watch that too) I have my favorite current and all-time athletes in each, as well as favorite routines in each discipline. I particularly enjoy watching routines to music from movies and Broadway shows I am familiar with, this helps me enjoy the routine even more.

This weekend is the US National Figure Skating Championships and as usual I am glued to the tv watching them. Routing for my favorites and watching the newcomers succeed or fail, agreeing or disagreeing with the judges. I know some people don’t like sports that are completely based on judges’ points but for me this adds to the fun. I can agree or disagree with them, which helps me get into it more and adds to the excitement and tension of the sport.

Day 26: Thank you Lord for an exciting sport like Figure Skating. It is such a beautiful blend of athleticism and artistry.

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Day 25: Snow

I don’t consider it truly winter until we have the first snow of the season. (except 2011 when it snowed on October 29!) For me snow is the true sign of winter, yes it can be cold even below freezing but that’s not something you can see. I love to watch snow fall it’s so beautiful and peaceful.

But I do not like a ton of snow, as long as it completely covers the grass that’s fine with me. I don’t like it when it melts within a few hours, it needs to stick around for a day or two. We need to have at least one decent snowfall each year for it to be winter. A few years ago we had a winter where it did not snow at all, and it just didn’t feel like winter to me, even though we had many days where the temperature was well below freezing.

It snowed here this afternoon, a fine snow that at times was hard to see. It was beautiful to watch, and just enough to cover the grass. After the sun went down I looked outside and in the light it looked like glitter was falling.

Each time it snows I am reminded of Isaiah 1:18 “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow…” (ESV) It is such an amazing image of what God does to our sins when he forgives us.

Day 25: Thank you Lord for snow! A sign of winter, and such a wonderful reminder of what you do when you take our sins.

What are you thankful for? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!