Day 8: iPod

My job can get pretty repetitive which at times makes it easy for my mind to wander or to get bored, fortunately I have an easy way to combat this issue. I can listen to my iPod while I work! It is amazing to me how much this helps me focus on my work, with something else going on I can focus on the task at hand and not get distracted.

With my iPod loaded with my entire music collection I usually set it to “shuffle” and can listen to any variety of songs which helps the time pass quickly as well. I have learned the hard way not to listen to just “Celtic Woman” because the two times I tried I started falling asleep! I have a playlist of just upbeat songs which I can listen to when I’m tired. And depending on which task I am doing I can listen to books on tape which mixes things up. I’ve been able to listen to several books I have wanted to read but haven’t been able to as well as some favorites.

Day 8: Thank you Lord for my iPod and that I can listen to it at work. It makes my job so much more interesting.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know!


One thought on “Day 8: iPod

  1. i am thankful for good friends! i love you, chloe..;DD

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