Day 9: Cell Phones

I got my first Cell Phone for Christmas eight years ago and now it is hard to imagine life without it. I always have it in my pocket or at the very least close by. While we still have our land line I seldom make calls on it anymore and prefer for people to call me on my cell. I like being able to see the digits I am dialing when making a call so I can double-check and make sure I’m not calling the wrong number. (of course most of the time I am calling someone on my contact list) I love the convenience too of being able to call anyone at any time without having to find a phone, and that anyone can reach me at anytime.

I don’t have a smart phone, I don’t want to pay the extra for it, and don’t feel like I need or would use all that stuff. I’ve tried other people’s phones who have a touch screen and don’t like them. I am determined not to get one untill they are the only thing left you can get.

I am not a huge texter but I like the convenience of communicating information to someone without worrying if I am interrupting them. They can get back to me when they can. My current cell has a full keyboard which I really enjoy using, it makes things so much easier to type.

Day 9: Thank you Lord for cell phones and the conveniences they provide!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment I’d love to read it!


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