Day 13: NFL Kickers

After yesterday’s Ravens’ Game I thought I’d write today’s post about Justin Tucker, but before I could I saw the end of the Atlanta/Seattle Game and decided to expand it to all NFL Kickers. I have always been a fan of Kickers, my all-time favorite Ravens’ player is Matt Stover our former kicker. (Now retired) I have seen so many games that come down to the kicker missing or making a field goal. They make the game interesting.

Of course touchdowns are important and exciting, but when you have an equally matched offense and defense more often than not the kicker is the one who makes the difference. I have heard that the kicker is often the brunt of the teams’ jokes but when they make that game winning field goal everyone is happy. I think it is about time we show our appreciation for them.

To all NFL Kickers: Thank you for making football games the nail bitters they can be. Your teams would not be the same without you.

Day 13: Thank you Lord for NFL Kickers, and the excitement they add to a football game.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment I’d love to read it!


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