Day 17: Long-term Memory

I have an excellent long-term memory, I often amaze people when I remember details about things that happened a while, sometimes even years ago. I can remember lines from plays I was in years ago, and things people said in conversations often that they don’t remember themselves. When I was in High School I kept my mom straight about what we were doing that day or week, I seriously don’t know what she would have done without me. I am often surprised when other people don’t remember the same things I do, especially when they are important. I enjoy being able to correct or remind people (I try to do it nicely) about things they said, that they don’t remember saying, usually they trust my memory. I just wish my short-term memory was as good as my long-term, but it isn’t and I sometimes forget what people say shortly after they say it. Oh well!

Day 17: Thank you Lord for giving me the long-term memory I have, it is so useful thing to have.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a comment, I’d love to read it!


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