Day 26: Figure Skating

I still remember the first time I saw my favorite sport figure skating during the 1992 Winter Olympics. I loved the combination of athleticism and music, and have loved it ever since. While I have never actual skated myself I love watching it and imagining what it’s like to fly around the ice.

I enjoy watching all four disciplines of the sport: Men’s, Women’s, Pairs and Ice Dance. (if they ever broadcast syncro I’ll probably watch that too) I have my favorite current and all-time athletes in each, as well as favorite routines in each discipline. I particularly enjoy watching routines to music from movies and Broadway shows I am familiar with, this helps me enjoy the routine even more.

This weekend is the US National Figure Skating Championships and as usual I am glued to the tv watching them. Routing for my favorites and watching the newcomers succeed or fail, agreeing or disagreeing with the judges. I know some people don’t like sports that are completely based on judges’ points but for me this adds to the fun. I can agree or disagree with them, which helps me get into it more and adds to the excitement and tension of the sport.

Day 26: Thank you Lord for an exciting sport like Figure Skating. It is such a beautiful blend of athleticism and artistry.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know I’d love to read it!


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