Day 59: February

I’ve always found February an interesting month. It’s the shortest month of the year, but every four years it has an extra day. Often it’s the coldest month of the year, and the last full month of winter. Once we hit March I feel like it’s time to get ready for Spring, and I like to enjoy the winter in February.

This February was an interesting month. We didn’t get much snow, and the snow we did get didn’t stick around too long, but we also had some warmer days. Some interesting and exciting things happened to me this month as well.

Day 59: Thank you Lord for the month of February, thanks for a short month to truly enjoy winter before we get ready for Spring!

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Day 58: Answered Prayer

I came home from work yesterday to find out that God had answered a prayer I had been praying for a while in a big way. Now I believe that God always answers prayers, it’s just the answer isn’t always yes, sometimes it’s no or wait. Well he had been saying “wait” for a while now, and now I can rejoice that at the right time he said yes!

I know God knows what’s best for us, and sometimes what we want isn’t what’s best for us. I had been trusting God for the outcome, and waiting to see what he would do. I cannot tell you how many times he’s said “no” about something, and I have been saddened by it. When I look back on many of those times I’m glad he didn’t say yes, because I see that what happened was so much better than if he had granted my request.

Day 58: Thank you Lord that you answer our prayers in the way that’s ultimately best for us. We may not like it at the time, but you have our good in mind.

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Day 57: Homeschooling

I was Homeschooled from Kindergarten till I graduated from High School, and I’m so glad I was! I benefited so much from being taught at home, especially in when I went to college. I knew how to study independently, and had no problems conversing with adults.

I’ve heard all the Homeschooling stereotypes (not socialized, miss too much, naive, etc) but let me tell you I’ve met a lot of homeschoolers over the years, and none of them completely fit any of the stereotypes. True we all have a bit of it in us, but in my opinion the benefits are much more important!

When I hear about some of the stuff that goes on in public schools I am so glad I didn’t have to deal with it. Of course I couldn’t avoid all of it when I went to college, but I was much better prepared for it and not just because of my age. I knew what my opinions were on various things, and because they were so firmly engrained in me by my parents I knew how to handle it.

Day 57: Thank you Lord that I was Homeschooled, and how it prepared me more adequately for college and life than many people I know who weren’t homeschooled.

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Day 56: TV Show Re-Runs

I’m one of those people who love to watch their favorite movies over and over, till they can practically quote the whole movie. But what I love to watch over and over even more are my favorite tv shows, which is why I love re-runs! Of course most shows you can buy on DVD now, but that can get expensive, plus I like the surprise of re-runs on tv, you don’t know which episode they’re going to show, and watching them out of season order makes things interesting.

I usually don’t care whether or not the show is still on the air, if I’m looking for something to watch and I see a show is on that I like I’ll watch it! Most of the shows I watch are crime and mystery, and when I watch a show I’ve already seen I don’t always remember who’s guilty so it’s fun for me to try to figure it out again. Even if I do remember I often notice things I didn’t last time, because I know who’s guilty.

I love watching episodes of shows that’re still on from years ago. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve made connections to things that happen later in the series that I never noticed before. It helps me appreciate the show on a deeper level than I had before.

Day 56: Thank you Lord for TV Show Re-Runs, and how they help me enjoy my favorite shows even more.

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Day 55: Food Expiration Dates

This afternoon my dad was going through one of our cabinets and found an unopened package of ice tea bags that expired 6 years ago! I don’t even want to think about what might have happened if someone had used one of them without checking the date. Twice I’ve gotten a bit sick from food that had just expired, so I try to check the date on any food that we’ve had for a while. That’s the beauty of expiration dates on food, you know when it’s gone bad so you don’t get sick.

Day 55: Thank you Lord for expiration dates on food, so we know when food isn’t safe to eat anymore.

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Day 54: Dancing on Pointe

If you add up all the years I danced ballet it equals more than 10. I loved it so much, and probably would still do it if I had time. Most young ballet dancers dream of dancing on pointe and I was no exception. However, because of my Cerebral Palsy I didn’t think it would ever happen. I have weak ankles, tight muscles in my legs, and not the best balance in the world.

You can imagine my surprise when my teacher told me I could try pointe! I was one of the oldest people in my Christian dance school, and while I was in the most advanced class, not everyone danced on pointe. I was so excited, I didn’t know if I could do, but I wanted to give it a try.

I still remember that first class. I had borrowed pointe shoes from a friend’s who was no longer dancing just to try to see if I could do it before I went out and bought them. I was surprised at how well I was able to keep my balance. I still needed to work on strength, but I could do it!

For the next year and a half, I only used my pointe shoes in class; building up my strength and ability. Then my chance came, I was given a pointe part in the Christmas recital! I couldn’t believe it, and I was SO excited! I never imagined I would ever dance onstage on pointe.

I danced on pointe onstage in two seperate recitals, (four actual dances between the two) before my Christian ballet school closed, and I retired my pointe shoes. I continued taking ballet classes for a couple more years after that but not pointe classes.

Dancing on pointe gave me more confidence in my dance abilities, and I’m so thankful I had the opportunity to do it! It also helped me physically, my leg muscles are much stronger than they used to be, and so is my balance. I still occasionally lose my balance, but my body knows instinctivly where to put my feet so I don’t fall. (Of course my body isn’t aware of what’s on the ground around me and I once got a nasty gash in the bottom of my foot, but that’s beside the point)

Day 54: Thank you Lord for allowing me to dance on pointe, it was a dream I had for so long, and I’m so grateful I was able to do it. Thank you also for the physical benefits it has given me.

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Day 53: The Married Couples in my Care Group

Tonight my Care Group (what we call small groups at my church) had a special Valentine’s dinner for the married couples. As one of the few singles in the group I wasn’t originally going to be part of the dinner, but I felt God wanted me to go and serve them. It was a special time and I’m glad I was able to be part of it.

The ladies of the group organized everything from food to what we were going to do, and the men weren’t allowed to do anything. Each lady served her husband his plate for dinner, from a menu of Italian dishes, and after dinner each one shared something they had written to their husband. As a single woman it was so neat for me to see these women, all of whom I love and respect serve their husbands, and to hear what they had to say to him.

If God wills and I do get married someday, I pray I will be able to follow their example and serve my husband in the same way. I have a new respect for each of the men in the group, and I pray I can find someone just like them someday.

To the Married Couples: Thank you for letting me be part of the dinner tonight and serve you. Thank you for the example you are to me.

Day 53: Thank you Lord for the married couples in my Care Group, and the example they are to me. Help me to follow in their footsteps with my own husband someday.

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