Day 33: Julie Klassen

Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors; she writes Christian Historical Romance set in the early 1800’s England, just like Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. I had discovered and loved Bronte’s Jane Eyre long before I read any of Klassen’s books, but I had not read much Austen. Since I discovered Klassen’s books I have become much more interested in books from this time period, and the time period in general, I find it absolutely fascinating!

I have read all but one of Klassen’s books but I hope to read that one soon. Each one focuses on different types of people from this time period, varying in station, location, and “job.” Each book is unique in its story and spiritual lessons. I have learned so much from each one about the time period and have grown in my faith. I can’t wait for each of her books to come out!

Day 33: Thank you Lord for Julie Klassen and the work she is doing through her books. May you continue to bless her and her writing.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


One thought on “Day 33: Julie Klassen

  1. Julie Klassen says:

    Thanks, Christin. Your words, and your sweet prayer are appreciated!

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