Day 57: Homeschooling

I was Homeschooled from Kindergarten till I graduated from High School, and I’m so glad I was! I benefited so much from being taught at home, especially in when I went to college. I knew how to study independently, and had no problems conversing with adults.

I’ve heard all the Homeschooling stereotypes (not socialized, miss too much, naive, etc) but let me tell you I’ve met a lot of homeschoolers over the years, and none of them completely fit any of the stereotypes. True we all have a bit of it in us, but in my opinion the benefits are much more important!

When I hear about some of the stuff that goes on in public schools I am so glad I didn’t have to deal with it. Of course I couldn’t avoid all of it when I went to college, but I was much better prepared for it and not just because of my age. I knew what my opinions were on various things, and because they were so firmly engrained in me by my parents I knew how to handle it.

Day 57: Thank you Lord that I was Homeschooled, and how it prepared me more adequately for college and life than many people I know who weren’t homeschooled.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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