Day 90: The Resurrection

Happy Easter! Today is the day we celebrate that Jesus Christ not only died for the sins of the entire world, but three days later was resurrected from the dead! This is what make his death different from any other death in history, and without it our faith as Christians is meaningless. Because of his death and resurrection we have been rescued from the punishment we deserve, death and eternal separation from God the Father. Now if we have accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior we will spend eternity with him.

Day 90: Thank you Lord that while you died on the cross for us you didn’t stay dead but were resurrected so we can live with you forever!

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Day 89: March

Growing up I was always told March was the windy month, and this March has definitely proved that! I seriously think the wind hasn’t stopped blowing for more than a few minutes the entire month! Personally its been an exciting month with some cool things going on with my family. Having Easter on the last day of the month makes this March special and a great way to end the month, celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ!

Day 89: Thank you Lord for the month of March where we can transition from winter and get ready for spring!

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Day 88: The Cross

Today is Good Friday, when Christians around the world celebrate Jesus’ death on the cross. It may sound crazy to celebrate a death, but this death was the beginning of something incredible! After living a perfect life for 33 years, Jesus the son of God, was put to death on a cross, even though he had done nothing wrong. On the cross God poured out his wrath on Jesus for every sin every one in the world has ever committed. Crucifixion was already a cruel way to die but can you imagine what it must’ve been like with that added on top of it?

Why did Jesus go through this? Because he loves us and wants us to spend eternity with him, and this was the ONLY way it could happen! Now by accepting his death of the cross we can live with him forever! But Jesus’ death isn’t the end of the story, Sunday is coming!

Day 88: Thank you for the cross, what you did there, and what it accomplished for us!

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Day 87: Bingo

For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed playing the game Bingo. It’s so much fun waiting impatiently for a number to be called so you can call out “Bingo!” It’s become one of my favorite shower games, I love filling out a card with possible gifts the person is going to receive and crossing them out if they get them.

Back in November at work they handed out Bingo cards to each employee, and each day they e-mail out a Bingo number. If you get Bingo you send a reply e-mail saying “Bingo!” We were given nine cards each with 4 Bingo squares on them and we’ve been going through the cards one at a time. It’s been A LOT of fun, and I for one have eagerly waited for each number each day. Some cards have taken several weeks for someone to win, while others have taken a little over a week.

We’ve been working on the last card for a few weeks now, and today I had two spots where if that number was called I would win. I had been close a couple times, but never had two before, and hadn’t won yet. When I got the e-mail today I was thinking “G-48 or O-70, G-48 or O-70.” You can imagine how excited I was when I opened the e-mail and saw G-48! I won a $10 Wal-Mart gift card which I’ll actually have in my hands in a couple days. While I’m sad the game is over, I’m so happy I actually won!

Day 87: Thank you Lord for the game Bingo. Thanks for such a fun game and for it making the workday a lot more fun the past few months.

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Day 86: My trip to Italy

When Pope Benedict announced he was stepping down recently I couldn’t help but think about where I was when Pope John Paul II died. So where was I? In Italy!

My mom was the administrator of our Homeschool co-op which included a Latin class. The teacher (a dad of one of the families in the group) decided he wanted to take some of the students to Rome, Italy to learn more about the Roman Empire whose language was Latin. My family was invited to go with them and we jumped at the chance!

We spent 10 days in Italy mainly in Rome exploring the city, seeing everything from the Parthenon, to the Coliseum (our hotel was a few blocks away from here), the catacombs, Piazza Navona and The Spanish Steps. One of my favorite places was the church of San Clemente, which is a 12th Century church, but you down one level and it’s the remains of a 4th Century church, you go down one more level and it’s a 2nd Century pagan temple. There’s so much history and contrast in one place!

After spending a few days in Rome we headed to Naples for the weekend, where we visited Pompeii which was an amazing experience, before heading to the island of Capri off the coast of Naples. We had to take a ferry over to the island which is where we were exactly when the Pope died. Once on the island we took a small train to the top and that’s when we heard the church bell tolling. I’ll never forget standing in the square hearing that bell toll. We didn’t know at first what was going on, but we quickly found out. Making our way to our hotel we turned on the tv in the lobby to the BBC (the only station we could get in English) and learned more about what was going on.

We still had a few more days in Italy and had left most of our stuff at our hotel in Rome. Fortunately we already had our train tickets for the trip back to the city. The next day we went on a boat trip around this beautiful island. (If you ever go to Italy go here! It’s absolutely gorgeous!) Then we took the train back to Rome, which was completely full!

For our last few days of our trip we were supposed to go to the Vatican, but we didn’t know if we would even be able to get close, however we decided to give it a try and I’m SO glad we did! Each of the kids had to give a report on something we were going to see on our trip and mine was Saint Peter’s Basilica. I wanted to see it SO badly! We decided to go to the square at least, but once we were there we were surprised that the line to get in was not too long so we decided to go in. It was incredible to be inside the second largest church in the world especially at such a historic time, and to see the things I had been reading about. We weren’t able to go up in the dome because it was closed, but it was still incredible! A couple of hours after we left they brought the Pope’s body inside which made the fact we were able to get inside even more amazing!

The following day we were supposed to go to the Vatican Museum where the Sistine Chapel is, but we didn’t know if we would make it. We had taken the subway the day before and while it had been more crowded than before it wasn’t too bad. The next day was a completely different story! We couldn’t even get on it, and the buses weren’t any better! So we decided to walk the 2 miles to the Vatican. This was by far the longest we had to walk the entire trip but we made it and it was well worth it! We actually got inside the Sistine Chapel a few hours before they closed it!

Overall, the trip was incredible and not just because we were there at such a historic time. We saw so many amazing things and learned so much. It’s something I’ll never forget!

Day 86: Thank you Lord for my trip to Italy, and for all the amazing things I was able to see and experience while I was there.

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Day 85: Rita’s Italian Ice

For as long as I can remember I’ve LOVED snowballs in the summer. On a hot day they’re such a great way to cool off. I still love snowballs but I also love Italian Ice, but only from the Rita’s Italian Ice chain. (I’m sorry but the little cups you can buy in the grocery store are just pathetic in taste and quality)

I got my first Rita’s of the year today: a Blue Raspberry Gelati, and it was SO good! That’s what I love about Rita’s they’re open so much more of the year than a snowball stand, and you can get Custard with it! I always get a Gelati (Italian ice with Custard on the top and bottom) always Vanilla custard, unless they have strawberry, but I like to vary the ice flavor, I usually stick with the fruits though I have started venturing out with the more ice cream themed flavors.

A few years ago I had a temp job at a company that develops flavors for food products for other companies and at the time they were doing some work for Rita’s. I was in heaven! When the woman in charge of the project learned how much I loved Rita’s when she was having people try the flavors and give their opinions on them she would call me in to give my opinion. When the project was completely over she gave me a leftover container of my favorite flavor.

Day 85: Thank you Lord for the delicious food at Rita’s Italian Ice.

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Day 84: My trip to Holland

I was seven the first time I got an airplane. My grandparents who immigrated to the United States in the 1950’s were taking me to Holland for my Great-Grandmother’s 95th birthday. I remember how excited I was to go but nervous at the same time. I spent a week there visiting family and various places.

One of my favorite pictures of me of all time was taken on this trip when we went to a place where you could dress in a traditional Dutch Costume and have your picture taken in a Dutch setting. (Kinda like the Old-West pictures you see people have taken, but these are in color) Some of the things I remember the most were: going inside a windmill, sitting in a huge wooden shoe, visiting Madurodam a miniature city, (If you ever visit Holland I HIGHLY recommend going here!) meeting my Great-Grandmother, Dutch cousins and other relatives, riding one of my older cousin’s horse in the rain. (They say it always rains in Holland but that was the only day it did!)

I don’t remember too much about the food we ate, I’ve always been a little sad that we didn’t go to McDonald’s especially since I’ve gone there in every other country I’ve visited. The main thing I do remember is eating french fries with mayonnaise! (I don’t know for sure if this is true but I was told kids there aren’t allowed to have ketchup with their fries) I was hesitant to try this at first but once I did I was addicted! I still eat fries with mayo sometimes but it has to be the right fries and I have to be in the mood for them.

It was more than a decade before I went overseas again, but that trip stirred the travel bug in me. I love to travel! I’ve been to four different countries, at least driven through every state on the East Coast, plus a few more mainly close to the East Coast and I would love to visit more countries and states!

Day 84: Thank you Lord for my trip to Holland, for allowing me to meet family there especially my Great-Grandmother who died a few months after my visit. Thanks for giving me to desire to travel and see parts of the world you have made!

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