Day 61: Gymnastics

I’ve already written about two of my favorite sports, and since the third was on tv this afternoon I thought I should write about it. Unlike Figure Skating and Football, I actually tried Gymnastics when I was little, mainly because my best friend was doing it. I really don’t remember that much about it, besides walking across the balance beam. I can’t do hand stands or cartwheels, so I only did it for a short while.

It wasn’t until the months leading up to the 1996 Summer Olympics that I really got interested in the sport. I remember watching the US Nationals, and getting excited for the Olympics, then when the US Women won the gold I was ecstatic! I became obsessed with the “Magnificent Seven” and even started using the pen name “Dominique Kerry”, after my two favorite gymnasts on the team.

While I’m not as obsessed with gymnastics as I was back then, I do love watching it. I used to only watch the women, but as time has passed I’ve become interested in the men too. I like the different events in a competition, each one uses different skills, which makes it more interesting to me. I love the combination of athletic ability and artistry which I think is even more evident in gymnastics than figure skating. It’s amazing for me to watch people fly so high in the air, then come down and land on their feet.

Day 61: Thank you Lord for gymnastics, and the amazing things you can see human beings do there.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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