Day 99: Skirts

I don’t know what the weather today was like where you are, but here it was in the 80’s. Unusual for April here, though Spring weather can be pretty unpredictable. At my work we can wear capris between Memorial Day and Labor Day, but with weather like it’s supposed to be all week I don’t think anyone is looking forward to wearing pants. To help deal with the heat I wore a skirt today which really helped, and since we had visitors in the building and had to dress up it was even easier.

I love wearing skirts! I’ve always been a girly girl, for as long as I can remember pink and purple have been my favorite colors, and they’re two of my best colors. Growing up I loved wearing dresses but that gradually changed to skirts, they’re so practical and nice looking to wear. I think I own two dresses now, both of which I got for weddings and I only wear them on special occasions. I have a lot of skirts though, which I’ll wear most of the spring and all summer.

Day 99: Thank you Lord for skirts, they’re such an easy and comfortable way to dress up, and nice way to keep cool when the weather gets hot.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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