Day 113: My New Laptop

Right before Easter my eight year old laptop died. I immediately began looking for a new one and was able to find one I liked online, which came on Friday. Because I was away this weekend I wasn’t able to set it up until today.

I’m so glad to have my own laptop again, and not have to borrow someone else’s when I need to use a computer. As you might imagine I do a lot of writing, not only for my blog but personal projects which I save on my computer. I can’t save them on someone else’s computer, and it’s nice to have a computer that I can use whenever I want to and not have to wait for someone else to be done with one.

I’m using my new laptop right now and I must say I really like it so far! My old one was slow and heavy, but this one is fast and light weight, and a nice size. I hope this one will last me eight years like my old one, but I doubt it. I can always hope though!

Day 113: Thank you Lord for my new laptop! Thanks for a good new computer to replace my old one.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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