Day 133: Online Videos

For the past week or so I’ve desperately been in need of distractions, and I’ve been able to find them in a variety of places. During the past few days one of the best has been watching videos online. I’ll go on youtube, facebook, or a news website and if I see a video I’m interested in I’ll watch it. I’ve watched clips of tv shows or movies that I haven’t seen in years and forgotten how good they were, learned about an interesting story going on in the world, seen what a friend experienced, revisited something I experienced, or just been entertained. I can’t always tell you what the video was about but it’s been a good distraction and I’ve enjoyed them.

I’ve always enjoyed watching videos online because I get out of them the things listed above. Recently when it comes to news stories I prefer watching a video about it than reading an article. I can’t completely explain why since I’m such a big reader in general, but I like to see pictures and visuals along with the story.

Day 133: Thank you Lord for online videos, not just as the distractions I’ve needed this week, but as different ways to get information and entertainment.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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