Day 139: The Bible

Yesterday I watched a video of a group of Chinese Christians seeing an actual Bible for the first time. As soon as the box was opened they ran to it, picked up one, kissed it, cried, and caressed it, all before they even opened it. It was very moving and made me think “I can’t think of anyone in this country who would respond to the Bible like that, but we should.”

Here in America we tend to take the Bible for granted; they’re all over the place! If you’re a Christian, how many Bibles do you own? I have two that I use on a regular basis, plus several others around the house. And even if we don’t have a Bible handy we can always look it up online or on our phone in whatever translation we want.

But that isn’t the case for people in other parts of the world. In countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith, they may not have a copy of the Bible, or have one copy to share among many people, or only have part of it. For years my family supported a missionary family Papua New Guinea who were working to translate the Bible into the language of one of the tribes there. I remember hearing stories from them about how much work it took to translate one book of the Bible, let alone the whole thing! They worked for years painstakingly translating the first book, and that was only the beginning.

We should never forget the Bible is God’s Word! It’s how he speaks to us today, and we should want to read it everyday. God wants to speak to us and we should listen to him through his word.

Day 139: Thank you Lord for the Bible! Thank you that we can access it so easily and I pray for Christians all over the world that can’t that you would encourage them, and help them find ways to read your word. Thank you that you speak to us through the Bible.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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