Day 154: The Lord of the Rings

If you ask me what my favorite book series is I’ll answer without question “The Chronicles of Narnia” by CS Lewis, and if you ask me what my favorite movie is I’ll answer “The Lord of the Rings.” (Yes I like all three movies the same!) I love the films based on JRR Tolkien’s trilogy SO much, and I also love the books. (Unlike Narnia where I love the books but don’t enjoy the recent movies as much, the BBC ones are SO Much better!)

I think Tolkien was a genius. He not only created a whole world, with a LONG history, but several languages to go with it. I can’t think of any other fantasy writer who has created such an intricate in-depth world. On top of that the stories he wrote were complex, exciting, and well-written.

I’ve only actually read The Hobbit and The Two Towers (that one was for school) but I’ve listened to them on tape more times than I can remember! If you’ve seen the movies I highly recommend reading the books, because it will help you understand them so much better. There are so many metaphors and symbolism both for the Christian and the world in general that while most of it is there in the movies, it’s easier to see in the books.

Day 154: Thank you Lord for The Lord of the Rings books and films, and the wonder they contain. Thank you for Tolkien and the imagination you gave him to create this world, and for his influence and friendship with CS Lewis.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


One thought on “Day 154: The Lord of the Rings

  1. Christy Horner says:

    Wow, Chronicles of Narnia are my favorite books too! I read the series 11 times when I was a kid. Then I got into Lord of the Rings as a teenager, and fell in love with it too. I’m a huge fan of the movies, and have all the extended editions on DVD. Maybe we should have a LOTR marathon party sometime! 🙂 I love watching with other fans of the book because it leads to such interesting discussions.

    I’m about to share my favorite books with my kids, probably this summer. I’ve waited so long to be able to read them to the kids but I wanted to wait till they were mature enough to like them. I will read the complete Chronicles of Narnia to Joshua and Naomi sometime in the next two months, and probably end the summer with The Hobbit. I think I’ll save LOTR for another year or two, because it’s a bit mature for small kids.

    One thing I love about the Narnia books is that you get something new out of them each time you read them. As a child, they were thrilling adventure stories. When I was a teenager, I did my 12th grade research paper on The Magician’s Nephew and Perelandra (from Lewis’ Space Trilogy), looking at the themes of creation and The Fall. Now as an adult, I’m realizing how much wisdom God gave Lewis — there’s so much theology in those books! I’ve toyed with the idea of designing a homeschoool literature curriculum unit on the Biblical themes in the Chronicles of Narnia, but I’m not sure I’d have time to do it. Still, I find it fascinating that, like the Bible, Lewis’ books can be read on so many different levels.

    Anyway, I would love to discuss these favorites sometime with you! Thanks for your great entry on the care group, too.

    –Christy Horner

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