Day 157: Flash Drives

Yesterday I was thinking about something I wrote a paper about my Senior year of college, and wondering if I still had it. I couldn’t find the actual paper printed out, but I have most of my college papers saved on a flash drive, which I was able to find. I remembered though that I didn’t have many of my papers from that particular class saved on that drive, but I was hoping it would be there. I was SO glad when I plugged it and found it!

Flash drives are pretty amazing piece of technology if you ask me. They’re small and portable, but you can store SO much information on them! They’re so easy to use too, you just plug them into your computer and you can see all your files. They haven’t changed too much as technology has changed either, I can use my old flash drives on my new computer, unlike older technology. (Does ANYONE have a computer that takes floppy disks anymore?)

I remember the days when you could only store files on floppy disks, and cds, you couldn’t store nearly as much on them and I was always afraid they were going to break! I remember my first flash drive it was less than a gig, and if I remember correctly cost about $40, which at the time was a good price for something that big. Now you can get drives that are several gigs for less than that! Isn’t it amazing how much things have changed in less than ten years?!

Day 157: Thank you Lord for flash drives. They’re so easy to use, convenient to carry, and hold so much information on them!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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