Day 167: My Dad

Happy Father’s Day! I’m so thankful for my dad, he has been such a wonderful example of a Godly man for me over the years. I pray one day I can marry someone just like him.

We’ve always been very close, partially because we’re similar in many ways. We share similar tastes in foods, except when it comes to seafood, (I don’t like nearly as many kinds as he does) and a few other random foods. We both love to travel, our family has gone to a variety of places over the years, and it’s often one of us who brings up the idea. We’re both oldest children and share some of the “oldest child” traits.

He plays the guitar and I have so many memories of him playing for us and leading us in song. While I was growing up he played on the worship at church; I would go with him to practice before church each Sunday morning, and when I got a bit older Monday night practices too. These times were very special for me, I got to spend time with my dad, and I learned all the songs! (Even today I often only need to hear a song once before I know all the words and tune) When he had to pick out the music for a Sunday morning or a church retreat he would often ask for my opinion on certain songs, or to give him a list of songs I wanted to sing. I love to sing so much and I know this is where it comes from.

Growing up my dad has been my spiritual leader. He introduced me to Christ at an early age, and when I became a Christian at an early age, he helped me grow in my faith. Even after my faith became my own, I have grown and developed in it because of the foundation he gave me at a young age.

Day 167: Thank you Lord for my dad, thank you for the wonderful relationship I have with him and the ways he has helped me throughout my life!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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