Day 180: God’s Protection

Turning onto my street tonight we were very nearly in an accident. I’ve never actually been in accident but like most people there’ve been a few close calls and this was one of the closest. It was kinda scary, but we were fine, thanks to God’s protection over us. Whenever there’s a close call on the road or another type of almost accident I’m always thankful for God’s protection, especially when it could’ve been bad. Those are only the times when I’m aware of it, I also think about the time’s when God has protected me and I didn’t even know it. Whenever I get behind a slow-moving car I try to think of it as “maybe I’m stuck here because if I kept going there’d be an accident.”

Day 180: Thank you Lord for your protection tonight, and all the times I’m aware of it and especially when I’m not.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


2 thoughts on “Day 180: God’s Protection

  1. Glad you’re okay! What you say is very true! I wonder how often God has stepped in to avert the disaster I was headed for!

  2. Yes! Yesterday the roof at my family’s church caved in. The entire roof over the sanctuary. Less than 24 hours before, there were 200+ kids and parents sitting in there for Vacation Bible School..including my 6 younger siblings. God is good and held off disaster until it wouldn’t be accompanied by tragedy! Everyone made it out JUST in time..

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