Day 203: My Top Blog Posts

Today’s Daily Prompt is to look at your most popular blog posts and write about why they’ve been so successful.

Besides my home page my two top posts have an equal number of views, and were posted a week a part. I know exactly why Day 131 and Day 124 have been so popular because they’re connected. On May 4 (Day 124) Mr Tom the dad of one of my closest friends was killed, and that day’s post about Heaven was probably the hardest one I’ve had to write so far. Day 131 was the day of the funeral and the anniversary of Tim, another friend’s, death; that tribute post to both men was another difficult one to write. I posted links to both of these posts all over Facebook where I knew people connected with these death’s would see and hopefully read them. I pray these posts were able to minister to everyone who read them. They weren’t easy for me to write, but writing them helped me in my grief.

My third most popular post has no connection whatsoever to the other two, or what happened on the day it was posted, Superbowl Sunday. On Day 34 I wrote about Courtney Hicks, an American Figure Skater who chose to skate to a Christian song at the exhibition for US Nationals. Even now five months after I posted this I still occasionally get hits on this post from people googling her, which I think is pretty awesome! I’d really like to hear from one of them about why they’re googling her. In contrast to the above posts this was one of the easier posts I’ve written because I was so impressed that she would choose a song like that, and hope that other Christian skaters will do the same. (I still don’t know for sure whether or not she is a Christian, if anyone does know can you please let me know!) I pray another skater will read that post and as a result chose a Christian song as their exhibition music.

Day 203: Thank you Lord for my top blog posts, thank you for the circumstances that prompted me to write them, though they weren’t easy. I pray that each of them were able touch the people who read them, and encourage them.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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