Day 243: August

I can’t believe it’s the last day of August already! Not that it’s gone by fast for me, actually it’s been kinda slow, but a lot of stuff happened this month and it’s kinda hard to believe it all happened within a month! What’s happened this August? Let’s see… overall the weather’s been all over the place temperature wise but generally cooler than normal, I went on a couple of fun trips, oh yeah and at the beginning of the month our dishwasher caught fire! It’s certainly been an interesting month.

I like August, it’s such an interesting month, it’s still Summer but things are winding down. A lot of people take one last vacation before school starts, and then school starts at the end of the month. It’s a transition month for most people even though Fall doesn’t officially begin till mid-September, to me it feels like fall begins at the end of the month, and sometimes weather wise it does!

Day 243: Thank you Lord for the month of August, so we can enjoy our last bit of official Summer before Fall and school begin!

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Day 242: Disappointments

Yesterday and today I’ve experienced a number of disappointments, where things haven’t worked out like I’d hoped. Nothing too major but having so many over such a short period of time is a bit overwhelming and I almost broke into tears at work today. I hate it when I’m disappointed and something doesn’t work out the way I hoped, but we can’t have everything the way we want and when I go through something like this I try to remember that. Often what happens instead is better than what we wanted, but we can’t always see it at the time.

Day 242: Thank you Lord for disappointments, while they’re never easy they remind us to not always expect things the way WE want them.

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Day 241: The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom

I recently finished listening to a book on tape of The Hiding Place by Corrie ten Boom. If you’ve never read it you should it’s a powerful true story of a family who hid Jews in Holland during World War 2, who were arrested and spent time in a Concentration Camp. I was first introduced to the story as a kid in a comic book version of the story, and I can’t tell you how many times I read it over the years! Since then I’ve read the actual book, listened to a radio drama version of it, and seen the live action movie version. Every time I hear the story I’m impacted by it.

While the main theme of the book is about forgiveness, the part that’s had the most impact on me is completely different. When Corrie and Betsie arrive in Ravensbrook, a Concentration Camp, they start listing all the things they can be thankful for in this deplorable place. Betsie is thankful for the fleas, but Corrie says she can’t be thankful for them, but they later find out the fleas are actually a blessing. My favorite quote of the whole book is when Betsie quotes 1 Thessalonians 5:18 “‘Give thanks in all circumstances,… It doesn’t say ‘in pleasant circumstances.’ Fleas are part of this place where God has put us.” Whenever I’m in an unpleasant circumstance or are having a bad day I try to think of this quote and verse, and thank God for something within that circumstance. It’s rarely easy, but it’s worth it and makes me feel better.

(While I’m writing about The Hiding Place I should mention I have family in Harlem, Holland where the story takes place, and I’ve actually visited the city though not to the house where it takes place)

Day 241: Thank you Lord for the The Hiding Place and the impact it’s had on so many people including myself.

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Day 240: Jelly Bellies

I don’t eat too much candy but without a doubt Jelly Bellies are my favorite kind. There are so many different flavors and I eat them all except licorice. Buttered Popcorn is my favorite flavor, followed closely by any colored pink, (nothing to do with the color those just happen to be the ones I like) tutti fruitti, coconut, peach, red apple, and sizzling cinnamon. (I should mention I’m talking about the regular Jelly Bellies and not the sours, yuck!) I love going to stores where you can choose your Jelly Belly flavors, I always get one scoop of the variety, then smaller scoops of the other flavors I like. I always come away with over a pound of beans, and if I eat off them every day I can usually finish them in a week!

I liked regular jelly beans growing up (except licorice) I’d eat them if they were around, but not often. Then in middle school I attended a weekly Bible Study and one of our leaders worked at a Hallmark store that sold Jelly Bellies and she would often bring them in for us. (They really were a great conversation starter!) That’s where I got hooked on them and have been ever since!

Day 240: Thank you Lord for Jelly Bellies there are so many delicious flavors and are much a wonderful snack!

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Day 239: Book Trailers

I read a lot, and I love discovering new books. Fairly recently I discovered book trailers, short videos advertising a book, they’re like little movies and really make the book come alive. I love watching them. They get me interested and excited about a book, or if it’s one I’ve already read, helps me remember what happened and help me visualize the story.

Here’s one of my favorite book trailers for one my favorite books Unlocked by Karen Kingsbury:

Day 239: Thank you Lord for Book Trailers, and how they’ve helped me discover so many books, and have a greater appreciation for books I’ve already read.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!

Day 238: My Coworkers

Quite a few of my coworkers were off today which made my job even more complicated. At my job the work I process goes through between 4 and 7 other people depending on what task I’m working on before it gets to me, which can mean I have to wait for other people to do their job before I can do mine. Because so many people were off today I was basically doing the work of three people, but because so many other people were off I would go through spurts of tons of work to do followed by time when there wasn’t anything to do. Needless to say it made for an interesting day, and truly helped me realize how much I rely on my coworkers and how I don’t appreciate them as much as I should.

Day 238: Thank you Lord for my coworkers, they can make my job so much easier yet so much harder. I wouldn’t be able to do my job without them.

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Day 237: Super Wal-Mart

I had to go to Wal-Mart today and do some shopping, and I ended up going to the one close to where I was at the time. HUGE MISTAKE! I wasn’t thinking that tomorrow is the first day of school, and the place was PACKED! It was worse than Christmas! Plus they didn’t have what I wanted.

I ended up going to the Super Wal-Mart near my house and it was MUCH better! There were probably the same amount of people but because it was so big it wasn’t nearly as crowded. Plus they had what I wanted.

I love shopping at Wal-Mart, especially the Super Wal-Mart near me. You can go in there and find almost anything you need, and often times at a much lower price than anywhere else. I do most of my food shopping there and depending on what I’m getting I usually don’t have to go anywhere else.

Day 237: Thank you Lord for Wal-Mart and Super Wal-Mart, and all the stuff they have there at such reasonable prices.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!