Day 273: September

I can’t believe it’s the last day of September already! The year is going by so quickly! September is an interesting month to me, it changes seasons from Summer to Fall, and school begins at the beginning of the month. Some years September feels more like Summer and others it feels like Fall, often depending on the weather. It’s a month of change as the weather starts getting cooler, and the leaves begin changing color and falling off the trees. When I was little I couldn’t wait for September to be over because that meant it was almost time for my birthday!

Day 273: Thank you Lord for the beautiful month of September, where we see the seasons change along with the trees and the temperatures.

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Day 272: Homemade Chili

When it comes to food if given the choice between packaged food and something homemade, more often than not I’ll choose the packaged food. Not that I have anything against homemade food, it’s healthier for one, I usually like the taste of the packaged stuff more. One of my main exceptions is chili. My dad makes REALLY good homemade chili, and every time he makes it I can’t wait to eat it! It tastes SO good, and usually isn’t too spicy for me. He likes to try different things each time he makes it so it’s interesting to see how it’s going to taste this time. He usually cooks it in his iron skillet which makes it taste SO much better!

Day 272: Thank you Lord for homemade chili, it’s so much better for you and tastes SO good!

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Day 271: Fundraisers

This morning I went to a pancake breakfast fundraiser and had a good time. I like going to fundraisers, but I can’t always afford to go to as many as I’d like. But if it’s an organization or cause I really want to support than I try to attend and give what I can. It feels good to contribute and I know I’m helping them out. If I can I sometimes like to volunteer at fundraisers too, because they often need lots of help, and I can free other people who are more involved up to do other things.

Day 271: Thank you Lord for fundraisers they’re such a wonderful way for people to get involved with organizations, and causes, and be able to help them out.

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Day 270: Older Christian Women

Tonight I had the privilege of listening to a group of “older” Christian women talk about their lives, faith and struggles. I say older but for the most part they’re 10 years or less older than I am, but they’re all married and have kids, so in some regards they’ve had more life experiences than I have. When they were done they asked me to share some stuff about my life and in response they spoke into my life.

I can’t tell you how much this time meant to me! I’ve always enjoyed listening to older Christians, (older in age and/or their Christian walk) talk about their lives and struggles. It’s such an encouragement to hear about their experiences and learn from them, and to have them speak into your life. It’s something that I wish I could experience more often, and I always try to take advantage of when it does. I in turn like to look out for opportunities to speak into the lives of younger Christian women and pass on what I’ve learned, and pray it has the same effect on them that I’ve experienced in similar situations.

Day 270: Thank you Lord for the older Christian women in my life and the knowledge they’ve shared with me, and how you used them in my life.

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Day 269: When Other People Say “Thank You”

I was thinking today about the phrase “thank you” and how I feel when someone says it to me. Many times I don’t think twice about it like when I say “bless you” after someone sneezes, and they say “thank you”, it just comes out automatically. Most of the time when someone says “thank you” I respond with “you’re welcome”, “no, thank you” or even “mmhm,” a lot of times that too is an automatic response that I don’t really think about.

Of course there are a lot of occasions when how you respond when someone says “thank you” isn’t a big deal, but what about the times when it is a big deal? When you’ve done something big, special, or important for someone else and they respond by saying “thank you.” When that happens I try to be really nice and genuine with my response especially when their “thank you” has touched me. It feels good to be genuinely appreciated and makes me want to do more; albeit sometimes for selfish reasons but when someone is glad you helped them it should spur you to do more and better things to help people.

Day 269: Thank you Lord for the times when other people say “thank you” it’s so wonderful to feel appreciated.

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Day 268: Days Off from Work

The past couple weeks at work have been exhausting, and I desperately needed to take a day off or I’d probably either drop or go crazy. So I took today off and I can’t tell you how nice it’s been to relax, and not think about work. I was literally exhausted when I went to bed last night, so I slept late, watched tv, walked 2.25 miles on the treadmill, and wrote some. All the stuff I like to do to relax! I can’t tell you how much better I feel right now, and ready for the next two days at work!

Day 268: Thank you Lord for the days I can take off from work so I can truly relax and be ready for the next few days of work.

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Day 267: Remembering My Cell Phone

I accidentally left my cell phone at home today when I left for work. Fortunately I’m not one of those people who can’t live without their phone, but it kind of annoying and an inconvenience. I think it’s good to go without your phone every once in a while, but it should be planned not by accident. I’ve accidentally left my phone at home a few times but it’s been a while. I’ll never forget the time I left it at a restaurant and didn’t realize it til over an hour later. Fortunately one of the people I was eating with picked it up and I saw them later that day.

Day 267: Thank you Lord that I usually remember my cell phone when I go out. It’s so annoying when I forget it.

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