Day 250: Mazes

Tonight I went through my very first corn maze and had a great time! I like mazes both on paper and in real life, it’s so much fun to try to find your way through it, and a good exercise in problem solving, trying to figure out which way to go. A maze done on paper can be fun, but to me it’s often too easy because you can look at the whole picture all the time. Physical mazes are much more challenging and more fun because you have to finish them in order to get out, and you can do it with other people which is always fun!

Day 250: Thank you Lord for mazes, they’re so much fun and a challenge!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


2 thoughts on “Day 250: Mazes

  1. I’ve always wanted to do a corn maze, but I thought I might get lost and my knee would start hurting. Maybe this is the year! Sounds like fun!

    • They are so fun! They usually have someone up on a platform looking out over the maze. If your knee starts to hurt, just throw out an SOS and they will help you out. I hope you go and have a whole lotta fun!

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