Day 278: Psalty

If I were to make a list of stuff I enjoyed watching and listening to as a kid it would be quite long. (I’ve already written posts about some of them) Something that would be near the top of my list would be Psalty the Singing Song Book! If you’ve never heard of Psalty (or as the tapes were called “Kids Praise”) they were a collection of Christian tapes and videos for kids, each one told a story revolving around Psalty a talking/singing songbook, and a group of kids that taught lessons about faith. I LOVED listening to the tapes when I was little, and knew most of them by heart. I know they helped me grow in my faith, and I think it’s cool that I still occasionally hear people sing some of the songs from the tapes. Sometimes one of the songs pops into my head and I’ll sing it.

I recently discovered you can buy all the cds, and DVDs online, and I can’t tell you how cool I thought it was! I’m thinking about possibly ordering some of them but I haven’t decided yet. (I wish I could just download them onto my iPod) Today on the Psalty Facebook Page they had a 10 minute clip from my favorite album, and I can’t tell you how excited I was to listen to it, it brought back so many memories!

The videos of Kids Praise 4 and 5 are also on Youtube and I occasionally watch them. For a year or two when I was little I would watch one or both of these every day, doing the choreography right along with the video. Below is the video of 4, when I watched it I would beg my mom to put my hair in pig tails so just like the girl in my favorite song “Beautiful” (at 19:15)

Here’s Kids Praise 5! I can’t help but wonder when I found out about my disability a few years later, if I was able to accept it more because of the disabled character in this one.

Day 278: Thank you Lord for Psalty and the impact he had on my life and faith as a young child!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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