Day 292: Run for Their Lives

This morning I participated in “Run for Their Lives”, a 5K cross-country race, to raise money and awareness for women and children caught up in the sex trafficking industry. It’s such a worthy cause and wonderful event that I’m so glad I was able to participate in.

If you had told me a few years ago that I would be doing a 5K I’d never believed you! I have tight muscles in my legs because of my disability and I’ve never had much stamina as a runner. I did walk a good bit of it this morning, with some running mixed in, which was my plan. I’ve been training for it on the treadmill for the past month, first working on distance then increasing my speed, I’d lost weight and gained some muscle, but I wasn’t running yet so I wasn’t sure what to expect.

My goal was to do it in less than an hour, and when I hit the 2 mile mark in just under 30 minutes I knew I was in great shape. My final time was 47 minutes, nothing close to the winner who did it in 18, but it was a victory for me! I’ve already decided I’m going to start training for next year. I want to be able to run most of it next year to support such a great cause, and to show others that even if you have a disability you can still do great things! I hope I was able to be an inspiration today to everyone who knows me and about my disability!

Day 292: Thank you Lord for Run for Their Lives, so we could have a chance to help women and children around the world escape the horrors of sex slavery. Thank you that I was able to be part of it today, and I pray that I was able to inspire someone to try something difficult for them with my example.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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