Day 343: Amtrak

Well, after an adventurous trip I’m home from my weekend away. I must say with the weather the East Coast experienced this weekend I’m really glad I took the Amtrak train! While both trains going down and coming back were delayed it really was an adventure, and something I would definitely consider doing again, though maybe not soon.

I’ve been on quite a few trains in my life time, though most of them were at amusement parks or up and back quick trips without ever getting off the train. The only time I’ve ever ridden Amtrak before was in 2000, and we flew back, but trains have always interested me so I was looking forward to this trip. It was great to be able to travel quickly and efficiently without having to worry about traffic!

Day 343: Thank you Lord for Amtrak, it was a great way to travel this weekend and not have to worry about the weather or traffic!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


One thought on “Day 343: Amtrak

  1. formyfrog says:

    I’m thankful we’ve only had a few inches of snow so far this year and it was so dry they used a leaf blower to clear the sidewalks!

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