#367: Cleaning and Maintenance People

I’ve been thinking about people and things we often take for granted, but things would be very different if they weren’t there. I know for me one of the main things I’ve thought about are the cleaning and maintenance people, especially at my job. Whenever the cleaning people come around and empty my trashcan I usually say thank you because I do appreciate it, especially if it’s really full. I wonder how many people in the office even truly notice all they do, I know I probably don’t.

When something’s dirty or broken the cleaning and maintenance people are the ones who have to fix it. If something’s dirty and I can clean it up I usually try to, but I know most people don’t, and there are times when it’s too big or I don’t have time to, and they have to clean or fix it. If they weren’t there everything would be broken or a complete mess, and/or people would have to spend time away from their work fixing it.

#367: Thank you Lord for cleaning and maintenance people, who do the things that need to be done so others can do what they need to do in a clean and safe environment.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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