#382: Hair Bands

I’ve written a few posts about some of the things I use to deal with my hair. Since my hair can get really curly and/or unruly when it starts getting humid I don’t look forward to warmer weather when it comes to my hair. Fortunately, I’ve learned over the years how to manage my hair and I can usually make something work. Today was one of those rare days when NOTHING I did worked with my hair. No matter what I tried it was still a mess and looked Really weird. When that happens I’ve learned there’s only one thing to do: Put it up in a pony tail with a hair band and hope it looks decent. On days like today I’m so grateful for hair bands so I don’t have to fret too much about my hair once it’s up.

#382: Thank you Lord for hair bands, so when I have a bad hair day there’s something I can still do with my hair and look decent.

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#381: Easter Sunrise Service

Happy Easter! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to conquer sin and death for all of mankind. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and the most important one on the Christian calendar, because without it our faith would be in vain.

Like almost every Easter for the past eight or nine years my day started out before the break of dawn, heading out to a Sunrise service at 6:30. While normally I don’t like getting up that early if I can help it, Easter is one of the few exceptions. Jesus rose from the grave at day break and it’s a wonderful way to start off the day watching the Sun rise, hearing the Easter story, and worshiping the risen savior. I can’t think of a better way to start Easter!

#381: Thank you Lord for the Easter Sunrise Service to start off the celebration of your resurrection from the grave. It’s such a wonderful reminder of what happened 2000 years ago!

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#380: My Brother

In case you didn’t know it, Thursday was National Siblings Day. That made it easy to decide what I was going to write about this week: My Brother, Ryan. I love my brother a lot, and think he’s awesome! He may be my younger brother but he’s a foot taller than me, so I call him my “big little brother.” We’ve always had a great relationship, though like all siblings we’ve had our squabbles over the years. I feel like I can talk to him about just about anything.

I admire him so much. He’s a great actor and public speaker, and I love watching him onstage; I’m always so proud of him. I know it can’t have been easy growing up with a sister with disability, and he’s had to deal with things other people don’t, but I’ve only rarely heard him complain. Ryan you’re the best and I love you!

#380: Thank you Lord for giving me the brother I have. You knew exactly what I would need in a brother and you gave him to me!

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#379: Trips with Friends

Yesterday some friends and I went on a trip to Washington DC and let me just say we had a blast! We estimate we walked around 10 miles total, visiting a couple of museums and walking the entire length of The Mall and back.

I love going on trips with friends! While taking trips with family is important and fun, there’s something different about taking them with people you aren’t related to. It’s great to experience things with people you don’t see as much, getting to know each other better, and maybe making a new friend or two within the group.

#379: Thank you Lord for trips with friends. It’s great to get to spend time and get to know people in a different setting.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!