#390: Voting in Elections

Tomorrow is the Primary Election in my state for Governor and several other offices, and as usual I’ll be heading to the polls. I haven’t missed voting in an election, regular or primary, since I turned 18; even the one when I was out of the country, I voted by absentee. I’m so grateful that we have a say in who runs our country, state, etc. Even if we don’t like the people in office at least we can had a role in putting them there. I really don’t think you have a right complain about or praise our government unless you voted. (unless of course you aren’t old enough to vote yet) Everyone should care about what goes on in our government because whether we like it or not, or realize it what they do affects us. So I’d like to encourage you to vote tomorrow or whenever your Primary election is as well as in November for the General election.

#390: Thank you Lord that we can vote in elections and decide who makes the decisions in government that affect not only us but everyone around us.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!

Please note, I’ll be out of the country next week and won’t be able to access my blog. But I should be back the following week with a whole bunch of things I’m grateful for!


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