#421: Other People’s Points of View

BJ is woman who attended the church where I grew up, and let me just say she was an interesting character. She had a quirky personality that often rubbed me the wrong way. But sadly the main thing I remember about her is that she was a hoarder. We helped her move years ago and I remember her house being filled with boxes, papers, stuff, etc. that she never used and had no reason to keep. Even her car was completely filled with junk. She also went to school and got numerous degrees, but never worked and used them. She would come to the church and ask for financial help instead of going out and getting a job to use that education. I can honestly say I have a VERY hard time thinking of anything positive to say about her.

This week BJ’s house caught on fire and she died in the fire, and from the news report I saw it seems the main reason the fire department was unable to get to her in time was because of all the stuff in her house. It really is a sad story. But, what surprised me was seeing the positive things a few people on Facebook said about her. Someone said they were impressed how she went to school to fulfill her dreams, while someone else told the story of how she came to a black church to hear them sing their first solo in 30 years. These shed some new light on this woman for me, I’m glad that she was able to touch a few people’s lives.

It’s always interesting to hear someone else’s point of view on something, especially if you see it as something negative. While you might not agree with them, they may give you insight into a situation that you never had before. I like to get others opinions when I can on different subjects.

#421: Thank you Lord that not we don’t all have the same opinion on every topic. Our own opinion may not be the right one, and with others help we can get different idea, and see it in a different light.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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