#427: Generosity from People at my Church

At my church on Sunday we concluded our series on Generosity by having people from the congregation come up and share testimonies of how people from the church had shown generosity towards to them. It was an incredible time of sharing about how God uses (as one person so amazingly put it) “people, not the steeple.” I wasn’t one of the people who shared, but hearing all those stories inspired me to write a list of some of the people from my church who have demonstrated generosity to me:

-The Pastors for their teaching and helping me grow in my faith
-The Pastors’ wives, I enjoy talking with each of them, and hearing their insight
-Eric and Linda L, and Steve and Angela B who pick me up for church when I need a ride, even though it’s out of both of their ways.
-Christy M who is giving me a ride to the Perspectives class, even though I live way out of her way
-The married couples in my small group who invest in my life.
-My present and past accountability groups, for encouraging me in my faith, helping me grow, and above all praying for me.
-Everyone who’s contributed financially and prayerfully towards my missions trips
-The leaders of my missions trips, for leading the trips and making them experiences that I’ll never forget
-My various serving partners in the church bookstore, I’ve enjoyed serving with each and every one of you and getting to know you.
-Karen H, Margaret S, Sarah D, and several other older adult women who pull me aside on Sunday mornings just to ask how I’m doing.
-Jackie B, Karen B, Ann and Tracy C, Becca D, Christy M, Darlene S, Deborah S, Lydia T, Nicky W, and Linda Z my friendships with each of you means more than you will ever know!

I’m sure I’m leaving people out, but those are the main ones.

#427: Thank you Lord for the generosity of people from my church. It’s made such a difference in my life and I’m so grateful for it!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


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