442: Stephen and Alex Kendrick

Friday night I went to the movie theater and saw the last movie by Stephen and Alex Kendrick: War Room. Let me just say right now I HIGHLY recommend to anyone reading this post right now that you go out and see it! The movie is so powerful and inspiring, and it’s all about the power of prayer, something that God has been teaching me a lot about this year. It will encourage your prayer life so much. I’ve seen all but the first of the Kendrick brother’s films and this one is probably my favorite. (though Courageous is a close second) I’ve enjoyed each one and I love the way they combine humor with seriousness for a powerful and memorable story. Each one has been an encouragement to me and other Christians I know. I pray that they will continue to produce more and more films like this one.

#442: Thank you Lord for Stephen and Alex Kendrick and their movies. Continue to bless them and their movies, that they would have an impact on the world.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!


#441: Computer not working

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, it’s because my laptop has been having issues lately, and I haven’t been able to use it consistently. Of course there are other computers that I could’ve used to post, but I have to share them and I don’t always have a lot of time.

This time has been really good for me, shortly before this all started I was beginning to realize that I was wasting too much time on my computer when I could’ve been using my time much more productively. Now that I haven’t been able to use my computer I have been spending time doing more meaningful things, (though I will admit probably not as much as I should) still, God has used this time to show me things about how I use my time that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

#441: Thank you Lord for this time when my computer hasn’t worked and what you’ve taught me about how I use my time as a result.

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!