#408: Authors on Facebook

I’m a fan of most of the authors whose books I read on Facebook. I really enjoy seeing what’s going on in their lives, learning more about their books and finding out about events they’re hosting. I have a side job writing book reviews on another website and I like to post the links to my reviews on that author’s page, so they and other fans can read them. Both of these facts came together in a cool way last week. An author posted a pic of some advanced copies of their next book which comes out in March, and I half jokingly commented “I write book reviews can I get one of those?” I was surprised and excited when she messaged me back and said yes. I got the book in the mail today and I can’t wait to read and review it!

#408: Thank you Lord that authors I read are on Facebook. Not only because I got the book today but I like being able to get a peak into their lives.

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Day 150: Getting Lost in a Good Book

I read a lot, and I’m rarely happier than when I have my nose stuck in a good book. I love it when I get so caught up in a story that I lose track of time, and have to force myself to look at the clock every time I turn a page so I don’t get in trouble. Books take you to a whole different world, and good books make you feel like you’re really there and you don’t want to leave.

Day 150: Thank you Lord for good books that I get lost in. It’s such a wonderful experience!

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Day 41: Sigmund Brouwer

If you were to ask me what my favorite book is I would say Magnus by Sigmund Brouwer. (Don’t be surprised if you’ve never heard of it, a lot of people haven’t) Set in England during the 1300’s it tells the story of Thomas, a young man who from childhood has known his destiny is to conquer the mighty fortress of Magnus, whose secrets date back to the days of King Arthur. This is only the beginning of Thomas’ quest, but you’ll have to read the book to find out what happens! (My copy is called Wings of Dawn and Brouwer made the story into an eight book series for children)

I first discovered Brouwer in middle school with his hockey series for children, and I’ve read some of his books off and on through the years. While he writes for both children and adults, I’ve enjoyed his books for children (except Magnus) more than the ones for adults. What I appreciate most about his kids’ books is that he writes to encourage kids to read, something I witnessed firsthand.

I got to meet Brouwer when I was in eighth grade at a writing workshop he held. It was so neat for me to meet an author I admired, and get writing tips from him.

Day 41: Thank you Lord for Sigmund Brouwer, and his passion to help kids read and write. May it continue for years to come!

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Day 39: Beverly Lewis

Beverly Lewis is another one of my favorite authors; she writes Amish fiction. I discovered her books years ago and have loved them ever since, in fact I have read all but one of her novels. I’ve always been interested in the Amish, growing up in Maryland, so close to Pennsylvania. I’ve traveled to Lancaster many times over the years, but I’ve learned so much about them since I started reading her novels.

The Postcard was the first of her novels I read, it was my my freshman year in high school, and as far as I can remember the first “adult” book I ever read. I was hooked by the time I finished, on Lewis’ books, Christian fiction, and Amish fiction. Reading it helped open me up to reading so many other great Christian novels.

For a long time Lewis was the only Amish fiction writer I read but in the past few years I have started to read others, and while I enjoy them I don’t think any of them are quite as good as hers. After all she pretty much created the genre with her first novel The Shunning. But the way she portrays the Amish seems different than other writers, to me it feels more genuine.

I had the privilage of meeting Beverly at a book signing in Lancaster last October. I can’t tell you how excited I was to meet her and have her sign my copies of her first series. It was so awesome to meet the author I’ve admired for so long, I know I will treasure the books she signed.

Day 39: Thank you Lord for Beverly Lewis and the novels she writes. Continue to bless her books, and use them to bless the people who read them.

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Day 36: Karen Kingsbury

Karen Kingsbury is another one of my favorite authors. She writes Contemporary Fiction or as she calls it “Life Changing Fiction.” I only discovered her recently but I can’t get enough of her books! I want to read them all but there are so many it would take me a long time to read them!

I love the fact that she bases some of her characters on real people. One of her characters Bailey Flannigan is based on her own daughter Kelsey, and Bailey’s family is based on her own. She also offers fundraisers for organizations called “Forever in Fiction”, where she gives an auction item and whoever wins chooses someone they know to be a character in one of her books. Sometimes its a minor character, sometimes a major character. (Never a main character) I love this idea, every time I pick up a new Kingsbury book I immediately turn to the section where she lists the ones for that book to learn about them. If I ever become a fiction writer I want to do something similar.

When I first started reading Kingsbury’s books I didn’t completely understand the whole “Life Changing Fiction” thing, but now I think I’m beginning to get it. My favorite of her books is Unlocked which is about a boy who is locked in the prison of autism but through the power of music he opens to the world around him. It completely changed my perspective on autism, and I’ve recommended the book to so many people!

But the book that’s probably had the biggest impact on me is one that came out last year, Coming Home. This one features the Baxter family who Kingsbury wrote three series about (none of which I’ve read, Yet!) who suffer unimaginable tragedy on the day of their father’s 70th birthday celebration. How the family deals with the tragedy would help anyone dealing with loss, but I never imagined how it would help me. In the middle of reading it a very special little girl in my life died Very unexpectedly; an hour after crying my eyes out I picked up the book to read chapter 20, the next chapter, and what happened at the end of that chapter helped me a great deal in coping with the loss.

Day 36: Thank you Lord for Karen Kingsbury! Thank you for all the lives she’s been able to touch through her novels, including mine. Bless her writing and may she continue to touch lives for years to come!

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Day 33: Julie Klassen

Julie Klassen is one of my favorite authors; she writes Christian Historical Romance set in the early 1800’s England, just like Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte. I had discovered and loved Bronte’s Jane Eyre long before I read any of Klassen’s books, but I had not read much Austen. Since I discovered Klassen’s books I have become much more interested in books from this time period, and the time period in general, I find it absolutely fascinating!

I have read all but one of Klassen’s books but I hope to read that one soon. Each one focuses on different types of people from this time period, varying in station, location, and “job.” Each book is unique in its story and spiritual lessons. I have learned so much from each one about the time period and have grown in my faith. I can’t wait for each of her books to come out!

Day 33: Thank you Lord for Julie Klassen and the work she is doing through her books. May you continue to bless her and her writing.

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Day 24: CS Lewis

I grew up on The Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis. My dad would read them to us at night, and I’ve seen the BBC movie versions more times than I can count! I love those books so much! They are my favorite series of books, I love all the Christian symbolism, and the stories are so captivating.

As I got older I decided to read more of Lewis’ books. I began with Till We Have Faces (a book I still don’t completely understand), a few years later I read The Screwtape Letters and two years ago I read his space trilogy. Lewis was such an amazing writer and I have learned so much from his writings both as a Christian and a writer. Screwtape completely changed my perspective on spiritual warfare, while Narnia has had an impact on me as a writer. I want to read more of his writings so I can learn and grow more.

Day 24: Thank you Lord for CS Lewis, and for the impact he’s had on my life.

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