#382: Hair Bands

I’ve written a few posts about some of the things I use to deal with my hair. Since my hair can get really curly and/or unruly when it starts getting humid I don’t look forward to warmer weather when it comes to my hair. Fortunately, I’ve learned over the years how to manage my hair and I can usually make something work. Today was one of those rare days when NOTHING I did worked with my hair. No matter what I tried it was still a mess and looked Really weird. When that happens I’ve learned there’s only one thing to do: Put it up in a pony tail with a hair band and hope it looks decent. On days like today I’m so grateful for hair bands so I don’t have to fret too much about my hair once it’s up.

#382: Thank you Lord for hair bands, so when I have a bad hair day there’s something I can still do with my hair and look decent.

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Day 246: Hair Dye

Over the weekend one of my friends who is hair dresser colored my hair a lighter shade of brown and gave me blonde highlights. My hair looks fantastic and I love it! I’ve never had all of my hair colored before, I’ve had highlights before but that’s it. I’ve never really liked my natural hair color that much, dark brown with a few red and blonde highlights, not too noticeable. (though in some lights my hair can look VERY red!) It’s nice to be able to change your hair color with hair dye so you can try different things, though I would never personally do anything to my hair that doesn’t look natural.

Day 246: Thank you Lord for hair dye so I can try out a new hair color and look nice.

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Day 81: Hand Lotion

My hands get really dry so I have to put hand lotion on them every night year round, often more than once a day during the winter. If I don’t they crack and bleed, and sometimes during the winter if it’s REALLY dry out no matter how much lotion I use they’re still dry and cracked, and I use the intensive stuff! I don’t even want to think about what my hands would be like if I didn’t use lotion!

Day 81: Thank you Lord for hand lotion, so my hands don’t get too dried out and hurt.

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Day 47: Flat-Iron

My hair is naturally curly, when I was little I had ringlets and looked a lot like Shirley Temple. As I got older I lost the curls and now you can only see them when it’s humid and my hair is up because it’s so thick. Unfortunately my hair also gets really frizzy.

I’ve tried so many different products over the years to combat the frizz. Some worked and others didn’t, one of the ones they advertise a lot worked but made my hair really greasy. It seems like all of the products that worked the best aren’t made anymore, or are REALLY expensive.

Last spring when I got my hair cut and styled a bit for a wedding, the girl who cut it suggested using a flat-iron. I decided to give it a try and was amazed by the results! It turned out to be the perfect thing for my hair, for the most part it’s straight and not too frizzy.

Day 47: Thank you Lord for Flat-Irons, thank you for how they make my hair look, and such an easy solution to my frizz problem.

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Day 40: Eye Brow Waxing

I’m not one of those fortunate women who rarely has to pluck their eye brows. (I Really wish I was though!) My eyebrows are naturally very thick, and if I did not get them waxed regularly I would spend so much time plucking them, or else I would have a uni-brow. I don’t like plucking, it takes so much time, but it is necessary.

I was about 15 the first time I had my eye brows waxed and have been having them done regularly since. (I had them done today in fact) I’ve been going to the same girl for about 10 years now, and have followed her to two different salons, because she knows exactly how I like them. As time has passed I haven’t had to had them waxed as frequently because the hair doesn’t grow back as quickly.

I usually have her wax my chin as well, because as my mom calls it, I don’t want to look like “Aunt Ruth” from Veggie Tales. (From “I Love My Lips”: “On the day I got my tooth, I had to kiss my Great-Aunt Ruth. She had a beard, and it felt weird”) I am much more comfortable plucking my chin than my brows, but after a while it can just become overwhelming, and it’s so much easier to get it waxed.

Day 40: Thank you Lord for Eye Brow waxing. It’s so wonderful to have such a quick and easy way to look beautiful.

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