#367: Cleaning and Maintenance People

I’ve been thinking about people and things we often take for granted, but things would be very different if they weren’t there. I know for me one of the main things I’ve thought about are the cleaning and maintenance people, especially at my job. Whenever the cleaning people come around and empty my trashcan I usually say thank you because I do appreciate it, especially if it’s really full. I wonder how many people in the office even truly notice all they do, I know I probably don’t.

When something’s dirty or broken the cleaning and maintenance people are the ones who have to fix it. If something’s dirty and I can clean it up I usually try to, but I know most people don’t, and there are times when it’s too big or I don’t have time to, and they have to clean or fix it. If they weren’t there everything would be broken or a complete mess, and/or people would have to spend time away from their work fixing it.

#367: Thank you Lord for cleaning and maintenance people, who do the things that need to be done so others can do what they need to do in a clean and safe environment.

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Day 362: Shampoo

Because I’ve been so sick this week, I haven’t felt up for washing my hair in, oh… well let’s just say several days. Normally I can get away with washing my hair every other day and sometimes three days, and since I’ve been home sick and no one’s come over it hasn’t been a big deal that my hair’s ABSOLUTELY FILTHY! Well tomorrow’s Sunday and I’m hoping to go to church tomorrow, so I need to wash it tonight, and I am SO looking forward to washing my hair with shampoo and conditioner so it’ll be all nice and clean tomorrow. I’ll admit I don’t always like washing my hair, but it’s one of those things that needs to be done to be healthy, and I like the way it looks and feels when it’s clean! (especially compared to the alternative!)

Day 362: Thank you Lord for shampoo so I can have clean and healthy hair!

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Day 216: Disposable Dishes

Because of what happened to our dishwasher yesterday we’ve decided to use paper and plastic dishes until we get a new dishwasher so we don’t have to wash so many dishes. I’m so grateful because I don’t really like hand washing dishes, and considering how often we run our dishwasher I don’t want to wash so many dishes. Dishes that you can throw away make life so much easier, but I wouldn’t want to use them all the time. They’re not as durable, and you have to keep replacing them, which after a while could get expensive even though they don’t cost as much to buy. But they certainly make life easier right now!

Day 216: Thank you Lord for disposable dishes especially now that we can’t use our dishwasher, they make our life so much easier right now!

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Day 215: Dishwashing Soap

Our dishwasher caught fire this morning, we don’t know exactly why but it’s at least 11 years old. Fortunately someone was standing right there when it happened. Nothing was damaged as far as we know, but the whole house smells like burnt plastic or rubber. But now we can’t use our dishwasher and have to wash everything by hand. I really don’t like washing dishes by hand but when I do I’m so thankful for dishwashing soap because I don’t know what I’d do without it!

Day 215: Thank you Lord for dishwashing soap when I have to hand wash dishes.

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