Day 336: T-Pins

I had a lot of fun decorating my desk at work for Christmas last year, but I can’t tell you how hard it was to get the decorations to stay up especially since I sit right next to the front door, and every time the door opens there’s a breeze. I had to try SO many things to get them to stay up, I had to reapply almost every single one of my decorations at some point during December. Eventually I found that T-Pins (Pins shaped like the letter T) worked perfectly, and while it wasn’t easy to get some of the pins through the wall of my cubicle, it was well worth it!

Well it’s Christmas time again, and I started decorating today with my trusty T-Pins in hand. We’ll have to wait and see how things go this year, especially since my decorations are completely different this year. I learned a lot last year that will help me this year.

Day 336: Thank you Lord for T-Pins with my decorating at work! They’re making things so much easier this year!

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Day 316: Craft Stores

I’m starting a new Crochet project, so I needed to get more yarn, and went to the local craft store to buy some. I think it’s pretty amazing the variety of stuff you can find in a craft store, some of which I don’t normally think of as “crafts.” (I still don’t completely understand why they sell chocolate) If you’re into arts and crafts they have just about everything you need to make them. I usually go there for yarn or fabric, and when I was into scrapbooking that too. There are so many things to be found there you could spend quite a while deciding on one item, because there are so many different choices!

Day 316: Thank you Lord for Craft Stores. They make it so easy to get what you want when it comes to arts and crafts projects!

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Day 249: Crochet

I learned how to crochet back in high school and have done it off and on through the years. When I first learned I only learned the single stitch, they tried to teach us the double but I along with most of the class just didn’t get it. I’ve made many scarves over the years, and even a full blanket for my full-sized bed. It took me four months using the largest hook we had single stitch but I finished it, and I still use it every winter! (I will admit the top is a bit wider than the bottom, but by the end I just wanted to get it done!)

A few years ago my mom wanted to make scarves for Christmas gifts and asked me to help, that’s when I finally learned and perfected the double stitch. The scarves turned out great and everyone loved them! A couple years ago I discovered a wonderful zig-zag double stitch pattern that I immediately fell in love with and got the idea to use it to make a baby blanket for a friend. It took me two months, but I really enjoyed it and prayed for my friend and the baby the whole time I was working on it. I liked the blanket so much that a few months later when I heard another friend was pregnant I made her one too. I’m now on my fifth blanket and I can’t tell you how much I enjoy making them. It’s developed into a ministry for me, as I pray for the baby and the family while I work. I usually work while I’m watching tv and it’s become such a regular thing that I feel weird watching tv without a crochet project in my hands! (I got a lot of work done watching the Olympics last Summer!)

Day 249: Thank you Lord for crochet and how I’ve been able to use it to make things to bless people in my life!

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Day 27: Yard Sticks

I’ve been working on a large crochet project, which needs to be within certain dimensions. When I started I used a yard stick to measure my chaining to make sure it was the correct length before continuing on. Today as I was working on it I noticed that the width (what I had originally chained) seemed much smaller than it should be, so I decided to get the yard stick out again to check. It was more than a foot shorter than it should’ve been! (I’m still not exactly sure how that happened!) While the prospect of starting the whole project over again is frustrating I am grateful that God prompted me to check it, and that yard sticks make it so easy to measure the dimensions I need for this project.

Day 27: Thank you Lord for yard sticks! They are so handy when you need to measure something flexible.

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