#380: My Brother

In case you didn’t know it, Thursday was National Siblings Day. That made it easy to decide what I was going to write about this week: My Brother, Ryan. I love my brother a lot, and think he’s awesome! He may be my younger brother but he’s a foot taller than me, so I call him my “big little brother.” We’ve always had a great relationship, though like all siblings we’ve had our squabbles over the years. I feel like I can talk to him about just about anything.

I admire him so much. He’s a great actor and public speaker, and I love watching him onstage; I’m always so proud of him. I know it can’t have been easy growing up with a sister with disability, and he’s had to deal with things other people don’t, but I’ve only rarely heard him complain. Ryan you’re the best and I love you!

#380: Thank you Lord for giving me the brother I have. You knew exactly what I would need in a brother and you gave him to me!

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Day 338: Mom was an Elementary School Teacher

Until she got married my mom was an elementary school teacher which really came in handy when she started homeschooling. I always appreciated that she was a teacher when I was in school, but I think I appreciate it even more now. When I have an arts and crafts project to do (like my Christmas decorations at work) I always come to her for advice if I have a problem figuring out how to do something. Neither of us is very creative when it comes to arts and crafts, but because she had to create bulletin boards as a teacher, she often thinks of ways to do stuff that I never thought of, or ways to improve my ideas. While not all of her ideas work, if we work together we often come up with a solution and/or way to enhance my ideas.

Day 338: Thank you Lord that my mom was an Elementary school Teacher, not only with how it helped me in school, but when I’m working on a creative project. She makes them so much better than I ever could.

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Day 333: Spending Time with Family

We’re still out-of-town for Thanksgiving, visiting family, and we’ve been having so much fun together! Talking, eating, shopping, whatever it’s been wonderful! Both sides of my family are very close and I love spending time with them. Gaining insight into my life and learning about my family history. As the saying goes we can choose our friends but we don’t choose our family, but I don’t think I would exchange mine for anything. I love them all, and I love spending time with them no matter how long or short that time may be. I wish I could spend more time with them, but I try to make the most of whatever amount of time we have.

Day 333: Thank you Lord for being able to spend time with family, it’s so wonderful to be able to see and spend time with them, and hopefully learn from them!

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Day 230: Praying with Family

I grew up in a Christian home and there are many Christians among my extended family. I don’t think I’ve ever truly appreciated this fact until yesterday. After helping my Grandmother move yesterday my mom, aunts, cousin, Grandmother and I gathered together to pray for each other. It was a wonderful time and I don’t think there was a dry eye in the group. I know I’ll never forget this time of witnessing some of the spiritual heritage I have, and makes me want to pray for these women even more.

Day 230: Thank you Lord for the opportunity I had to pray with my extended family yesterday. May I never take them for granted, and remember to pray for them on a regular basis.

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Day 229: Teamwork

Like I said in my last post we’re helping my Grandmother move this weekend, most of which happened today. We got so much done today very quickly and I was amazed! We had a great team made up of myself, my mom, her two sisters, two Uncles, my Cousin her husband and daughter, my Uncle’s Grandson, and of course my Grandmother. We were able to get everything moved and set up quickly and efficiently, and everything looks great! We worked great together and enjoyed ourselves working together to make everything happen.

Day 229: Thank you Lord for the teamwork we displayed today, thank you that we were able to get everything done so well and quickly.

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Day 201: Seeing out-of-town Family

Some of my out-of-state extended family is in town for the weekend and I got to see them tonight. It was really nice to see them because they live pretty far away and we rarely see them. It was nice to be able to catch up with them and hear what they’ve been up to, and tell them what’s been going on in my life.

Day 201: Thank you Lord for times when I get to see family from out-of-state, it’s such a nice treat to see people I don’t get to see often because they live so far away.

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Day 167: My Dad

Happy Father’s Day! I’m so thankful for my dad, he has been such a wonderful example of a Godly man for me over the years. I pray one day I can marry someone just like him.

We’ve always been very close, partially because we’re similar in many ways. We share similar tastes in foods, except when it comes to seafood, (I don’t like nearly as many kinds as he does) and a few other random foods. We both love to travel, our family has gone to a variety of places over the years, and it’s often one of us who brings up the idea. We’re both oldest children and share some of the “oldest child” traits.

He plays the guitar and I have so many memories of him playing for us and leading us in song. While I was growing up he played on the worship at church; I would go with him to practice before church each Sunday morning, and when I got a bit older Monday night practices too. These times were very special for me, I got to spend time with my dad, and I learned all the songs! (Even today I often only need to hear a song once before I know all the words and tune) When he had to pick out the music for a Sunday morning or a church retreat he would often ask for my opinion on certain songs, or to give him a list of songs I wanted to sing. I love to sing so much and I know this is where it comes from.

Growing up my dad has been my spiritual leader. He introduced me to Christ at an early age, and when I became a Christian at an early age, he helped me grow in my faith. Even after my faith became my own, I have grown and developed in it because of the foundation he gave me at a young age.

Day 167: Thank you Lord for my dad, thank you for the wonderful relationship I have with him and the ways he has helped me throughout my life!

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