Day 331: Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza

I love pizza, bar-b-q sauce, and chicken, especially when they’re put together in a Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza! It’s probably the only dish I can think of that I’ll never turn down. Of course that has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t think I know anyone else who likes it, so if I get a chance to eat it I will. A couple of the restaurants at my college had it on their menu and I would get it there a lot, but now that I’m out of school I don’t get to have it as often. I see it more and more in frozen pizza but when I go shopping they don’t always have it, besides I think it’s MUCH better fresh than frozen. Besides one of the places at my school, I think California Pizza has the best Bar-B-Q Chicken pizza, but I don’t go there as often as I’d like.

Day 331: Thank you Lord for Bar-B-Q Chicken Pizza, and how it combines three of my favorite foods, and tastes so good!

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Day 325: Potlucks

Every couple of months at work we have a potluck lunch within the company or just our department where everyone brings a dish to share, and we have a big lunch. It’s always a lot of fun! Today we had our company wide Thanksgiving potluck lunch and I’m still full! There was so much good food and there was no way anyone could eat everything!

I always enjoy potluck meals. It’s fun figure out what dish I want to bring, a lot of times I bring something I’ve been wanting to try, or think other people will really like. There’s always so much variety at a potluck, and you often eat foods together that you never would in another setting, and/or you can try new foods.

Day 325: Thank you Lord for Potlucks. They’re fun, especially for lunch at work, and I love trying different foods!

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Day 317: Free Samples

At work today a nearby sub shop came bringing free samples of some of their subs. (which were absolutely delicious!) I love trying free samples of different products, especially food! It’s a great way to try something out before you go out and buy it, to see if you like it and if it works for you. Of course it’s also nice when you get a free sample of something you already use not only because it’s free, but if you only need a small bit of it then you’re covered. While any kind of free sample is nice, there’ve been quite a few times when I’ve been introduced to a product by a free sample loved it, and still use it today!

Day 317: Thank you Lord for free samples, not only as a treat but as a way to find out about products I’ve never heard of before, and might not have otherwise.

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Day 287: Desserts

First of all: Happy Thanksgiving to my Canadian readers! Here in the US it’s Columbus Day; (a holiday I have so many issues with I’ll just mention it in passing) it’s also National Desserts Day! Who doesn’t love eating dessert? There are so many choices from cakes, to cookies, to ice cream, to candy, to pies, and everything in between. I love eating dessert after dinner, or occasionally lunch, it’s so nice to have a little treat after a meal. If you’re feeling sad a dessert can pick you up as long as you eat it in moderation, and don’t eat too much of it. I usually don’t eat dessert every day, but I enjoy it when I do!

Day 287: Thank you Lord for desserts so we can satisfy our sweet tooth and have something to look forward to after a meal!

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Day 272: Homemade Chili

When it comes to food if given the choice between packaged food and something homemade, more often than not I’ll choose the packaged food. Not that I have anything against homemade food, it’s healthier for one, I usually like the taste of the packaged stuff more. One of my main exceptions is chili. My dad makes REALLY good homemade chili, and every time he makes it I can’t wait to eat it! It tastes SO good, and usually isn’t too spicy for me. He likes to try different things each time he makes it so it’s interesting to see how it’s going to taste this time. He usually cooks it in his iron skillet which makes it taste SO much better!

Day 272: Thank you Lord for homemade chili, it’s so much better for you and tastes SO good!

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Day 253: Chicken Parmesan

I love food, especially Italian food! One of my favorite Italian dishes is Chicken Parmesan, and it’s probably the only dish I know of that I’ve never had one that I didn’t like. (Which for me is really saying something!) Chicken is one of my favorite foods in general and adding noodles and sauce makes it SO much better! (especially the sauce) In general I don’t like have the same dish twice in one day unless it’s leftovers, but even then it depends on what it is. Chicken Parmesan is the one exception to that rule for me, I think I could eat it for many lunch and dinner for several days.

Day 253: Thank you Lord for Chicken Parmesan, it’s such a delicious dish and one of my favorites!

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Day 240: Jelly Bellies

I don’t eat too much candy but without a doubt Jelly Bellies are my favorite kind. There are so many different flavors and I eat them all except licorice. Buttered Popcorn is my favorite flavor, followed closely by any colored pink, (nothing to do with the color those just happen to be the ones I like) tutti fruitti, coconut, peach, red apple, and sizzling cinnamon. (I should mention I’m talking about the regular Jelly Bellies and not the sours, yuck!) I love going to stores where you can choose your Jelly Belly flavors, I always get one scoop of the variety, then smaller scoops of the other flavors I like. I always come away with over a pound of beans, and if I eat off them every day I can usually finish them in a week!

I liked regular jelly beans growing up (except licorice) I’d eat them if they were around, but not often. Then in middle school I attended a weekly Bible Study and one of our leaders worked at a Hallmark store that sold Jelly Bellies and she would often bring them in for us. (They really were a great conversation starter!) That’s where I got hooked on them and have been ever since!

Day 240: Thank you Lord for Jelly Bellies there are so many delicious flavors and are much a wonderful snack!

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