#433: Everyone who helped with the surprise party

Last year I was asked to plan a surprise birthday party for Ms Cindy, the director of the Homeschool Harmonizers, and of course I said yes! Harmonizers was such a big part of my life and I knew it would be a lot of fun. Well, Sunday was the party and it was a big success! A ton of people came and she had no idea. I wanted to take some time and thank everyone who helped make the party possible:

-Everyone who knew about the party and kept it quiet. So many people have known about the party for so long we weren’t sure if we could keep it a secret, but we did.
-Everyone who came to the party. We knew no matter what it would be a great reunion and it certainly was.
-Ms Sue for making the delicious cake.
-Beth for driving the shuttle, so everyone didn’t have to walk from where they parked.
-Tamra and David, for taking her out for lunch so we could get everything ready.
-Jen, Josh, Quinn, and Michael for playing the music so we could sing.
-Amanda, Angie, Chloe, Lizzie, Caitlyn, Sam, Matt B, Kai, Amber, Abby and Katie for singing the solos and sounding amazing!
-Kai, Rachel, Tom, Josh, Quinn, Michael, Ryan, Matt M, Matt G, Rebecca, Jimmy, Amanda, Angie, Chloe, Lizzie and Caitlyn for being in the skit.
-Ms Maria for asking me to plan it and helping where she could.
-Jen my partner in crime for planning, it was great working with you again, and I miss talking with you in one way or another every day!

I’m sure I’ve forgotten someone, but these are the people I can remember. Thanks again for all your help and talents for making this special party happen!

#433: Thank you Lord for everyone who helped with the surprise party Sunday, it was such a wonderful time and wouldn’t have been possible without them.

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#431: Christy Giving Me a Ride

My church is offering the course “Perspectives” this winter/spring and you have no idea how badly I wanted to take it! But, I couldn’t figure out a way to get there, and I was so upset about not being able to that I was literally in tears a couple times thinking about it. God worked things out though and my friend Christy has been giving me a ride each week, even though I live out of her way.

I’m so grateful that I’ve been able to take the class, (more on that in a later post) but I am also so grateful that Christy has been able to give me a ride. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her better and we always have great discussions on the way to and from class about what we’re learning. I know our talks have opened my eyes to things I haven’t seen before.

#431: Thank you Lord for Christy and that she’s been able to give me a ride each week to class, so I can take it. Thank you for her willingness and friendship, as well as our conversations in the car that have made the class even more meaningful for me.

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#379: Trips with Friends

Yesterday some friends and I went on a trip to Washington DC and let me just say we had a blast! We estimate we walked around 10 miles total, visiting a couple of museums and walking the entire length of The Mall and back.

I love going on trips with friends! While taking trips with family is important and fun, there’s something different about taking them with people you aren’t related to. It’s great to experience things with people you don’t see as much, getting to know each other better, and maybe making a new friend or two within the group.

#379: Thank you Lord for trips with friends. It’s great to get to spend time and get to know people in a different setting.

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Day 293: Relationships

The sermon at church this morning was about the importance of having relationships with people, and how we weren’t meant to be alone. Everyone has relationships, it’s pretty hard not to unless you’re a hermit, but not everyone makes them a priority. I’m very grateful for the various relationships I have with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances, etc.

I’m an introvert but I enjoy spending time with people and talking with them or just listening. While I enjoy spending time alone, I couldn’t stand being alone all the time, and it’s nice to be able to spend time with and build relationships with people. At times I feel lonely even in a group of people, but I’m glad when there’s at least one person I have a good relationship with that I can go talk to. But the most important relationship I have is with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and with him I am never alone.

Day 293: Thank you Lord that we have relationships so we’re not alone in the world.

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Day 284: Being Facebook Friends with my Co-workers

I’m Facebook friends with a few of my co-workers. It’s nice to be able to see their vacation pics when they go away, and if I’m off sometimes they post status’ or send me messages about stuff I missed. Some of them work earlier shifts than I do and because I usually get on Facebook before I go to work sometimes I learn something I need to know before I leave. Today is a good example, one of my co-workers posted that there was a major accident one of the streets I take to go to work, that would affect traffic no matter which way I went. It was nice because I knew I needed to hurry up and get ready to go and to avoid that road.

Day 284: Thank you Lord that I’m Facebook friends with some of my co-workers so I can see what’s going on in their lives, and learn important info before I get to work.

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Day 206: Savannah

(For today’s Daily Prompt) My closest friend is… someone I’ve never met in person. I know that might sound weird but it’s absolutely true! Some people meet their husband or wife online, I met my best friend! Her name is Savannah and she lives on the opposite side of the country from me. We met on Facebook because her family adopted a girl I met overseas.

I still remember accepting her friend request, she Facebook chatted me right away. She wanted to hear all about her little sister and we really hit it off. We talked several times over the next few days, then I’m not sure why but I gave her my phone number. That was almost three years ago, and now we talk most days often for hours on Facebook chat or the phone.

She’s one of the most open and honest people I’ve ever known, I feel like I can tell her anything and I think she feels the same way. She’s provided amazing insight into my life and I’ve been able to speak into hers as well. She challenges me in my faith and makes me think, while we don’t always agree on everything I know I’m a better person and have a stronger faith as a result. We’re both writers, and send each other pieces of whatever we’re working on for the other to read and comment on.

Of course I have other friends who live closer and I see all the time, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as close to anyone like Savannah. I know we may never meet this side of heaven, and while that makes me sad, I wouldn’t change our friendship for anything! I’m so glad the Lord put her in my life, and I know I’m a better person because of her.

Day 206: Thank you Lord for placing Savannah in my life, thank you for the way she speaks into my life and has made me a better person.

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Day 202: Talking to Friends on the Phone

Today I was able to talk to two of my good friends who live far away on the phone. I love being talking to people on the phone, especially when I don’t see them very much. It’s so nice to hear their voice and have a conversation with them like we’re in the same room. I like texting and Facebook chatting but it takes time to type, and conversations don’t always flow naturally, like they do on the phone.

Day 202: Thank you Lord for times when I talk to friends on the phone, it’s so wonderful to be able to have a conversation with someone especially if they’re far away, and be able to hear their voice.

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