Day 156: Words with Friends

I really enjoy playing the game Scrabble, but I have trouble finding people to play with me. Now I’ve discovered “Words with Friends” on Facebook, and I’m having so much fun playing it! At one point I had ten games going on at the same time with different people, but that was a bit too much. I currently have five games with different people, which is more manageable, but I wouldn’t mind having one or two more. “Words with Friends” is so much fun, building words, and it corrects your spelling without you having to look it up. (Which in my opinion is a Huge help!)

Day 156: Thank you Lord for Words with Friends, it’s such a fun game, and a great way to interact with friends who live far away and/or you don’t see very often.

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Day 125: Settlers of Catan

I had a really rough night last night which made for a rough morning today. After that I really needed something to distract me, so I was excited when a friend invited me over to play my favorite board game Settlers of Catan. If you’ve never heard of or played this game before you really should try it! I think of it as a combination of Risk and Monopoly as you build up resources and try to build around the board. It’s a lot of fun and people can get really competitive playing it! It was just what I needed today too.

Day 125: Thank you Lord for Settlers of Catan, it’s such a fun game to play, and exactly what I needed today to help me deal with the current situation in my life.

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Day 87: Bingo

For as long as I can remember I’ve enjoyed playing the game Bingo. It’s so much fun waiting impatiently for a number to be called so you can call out “Bingo!” It’s become one of my favorite shower games, I love filling out a card with possible gifts the person is going to receive and crossing them out if they get them.

Back in November at work they handed out Bingo cards to each employee, and each day they e-mail out a Bingo number. If you get Bingo you send a reply e-mail saying “Bingo!” We were given nine cards each with 4 Bingo squares on them and we’ve been going through the cards one at a time. It’s been A LOT of fun, and I for one have eagerly waited for each number each day. Some cards have taken several weeks for someone to win, while others have taken a little over a week.

We’ve been working on the last card for a few weeks now, and today I had two spots where if that number was called I would win. I had been close a couple times, but never had two before, and hadn’t won yet. When I got the e-mail today I was thinking “G-48 or O-70, G-48 or O-70.” You can imagine how excited I was when I opened the e-mail and saw G-48! I won a $10 Wal-Mart gift card which I’ll actually have in my hands in a couple days. While I’m sad the game is over, I’m so happy I actually won!

Day 87: Thank you Lord for the game Bingo. Thanks for such a fun game and for it making the workday a lot more fun the past few months.

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