#398: Holiday Pay

Since today is Labor Day and like many companies in the US the company I work for is officially closed. However, since we are currently a bit behind on our work and it always gets even more backed up when we have a weekday off, we could come in this morning for a half day of work and get paid double time for the time we worked. Since I don’t have any plans today and could use the money I went into work this morning as usual and worked. I was able to get a lot done and it was nice to get some extra money and be able to get off early!

#398: Thank you Lord for Holiday Pay so I could get some work done and get extra money for it!

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#386: Memorial Day

Happy Memorial Day! There are a lot of things I could say about this holiday, like it’s nice to have a day off from work, etc. which are all true, but that’s not what this holiday is all about. It’s about remembering the men and women who died defending our country so we could remain free. They paid the ultimate price and we should never forget them or take our freedom for granted. We would not be here today if it weren’t for their sacrifice and it’s wonderful to have a day to remember it every year, so we cannot forget it.

#386: Thank you Lord for Memorial Day so we as Americans can remember the men and women who gave their lives for our country so we can be free. May we never forget it or take it for granted.

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#381: Easter Sunrise Service

Happy Easter! I hope you’ve had a wonderful day celebrating the Resurrection of Jesus Christ to conquer sin and death for all of mankind. Easter is one of my favorite holidays and the most important one on the Christian calendar, because without it our faith would be in vain.

Like almost every Easter for the past eight or nine years my day started out before the break of dawn, heading out to a Sunrise service at 6:30. While normally I don’t like getting up that early if I can help it, Easter is one of the few exceptions. Jesus rose from the grave at day break and it’s a wonderful way to start off the day watching the Sun rise, hearing the Easter story, and worshiping the risen savior. I can’t think of a better way to start Easter!

#381: Thank you Lord for the Easter Sunrise Service to start off the celebration of your resurrection from the grave. It’s such a wonderful reminder of what happened 2000 years ago!

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Day 345: Christmas Movies

I’ve said before that I LOVE Christmas, from Black Friday to Epiphany is Christmas for me. Besides listening to Christmas music one of the main things I do during this time is watch Christmas movies! Whether they’re old, classic, new, Santa-themed, Christian themed, it doesn’t matter I watch them all! Other than new episodes of my the tv shows I watch Christmas movies are pretty much the only things I watch during the month of December. It really helps get me ready for Christmas, even if they don’t directly remind me of the birth of Christ.

There are a lot of classic Christmas movies I really enjoy, in fact I can’t think of a single famous one I’ve seen that I didn’t really enjoy. If I had to pick a favorite one it would probably be “Holiday Inn.” (If you’ve never heard of it, don’t worry a lot of people I know haven’t) It was the first movie to feature the song “White Christmas” and is about an entertainer (played by Bing Crosby) who decides to open up an Inn in Connecticut that’s only open on Holidays for a show. The movie takes place over the course of a year, and features all the major holidays with songs to go a long with them.

I couldn’t write a post about Christmas movies without at least mentioning “A Christmas Carol.” I’ve pretty much every version out there and love all of them. The story is so powerful and meaningful, and I think every actor who plays Scrooge nails it, from Michael Caine, Kelsey Grammer, George C Scott, Patrick Stewart, and my family’s favorite version with Albert Finney. Below is my favorite song from the musical version with Albert Finney, my family quotes this song often throughout the year.

Day 345: Thank you Lord for Christmas movies, they help me get ready for Christmas and give me something fun to watch leading up to Christmas.

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Day 337: Christmas Music

I LOVE Christmas! It’s my favorite holiday and I love everything about it. (except Santa Claus who I never believed in, but I don’t hate him, he’s just not important) So as you might imagine I’m probably going to be writing quite a few Christmas related posts this month, starting with today.

I refuse to do anything Christmas related until the day after Thanksgiving, and one of the first Christmasy things I usually do is listen to Christmas music, it really gets me in the mood for Christmas. “O Come All Ye Faithful” is my favorite Christmas Carol, though “O Holy Night” is a close second, both songs remind me of what Christmas is really all about: the birth of Christ. My favorite non-Carol Christmas song is “Breath of Heaven” by Amy Grant, it touches me every time I hear it, thinking about what Mary must’ve felt when she was pregnant with the Son of God!

Now for a fun one! While there are quite a few non-religious Christmas songs I enjoy my favorite is probably “What is Christmas?” by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. It’s really fun and funny, but at the same time makes you think about what Christmas really means.

Day 337: Thank you Lord for Christmas music, it gets me ready to celebrate the birth of your son.

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Day 336: T-Pins

I had a lot of fun decorating my desk at work for Christmas last year, but I can’t tell you how hard it was to get the decorations to stay up especially since I sit right next to the front door, and every time the door opens there’s a breeze. I had to try SO many things to get them to stay up, I had to reapply almost every single one of my decorations at some point during December. Eventually I found that T-Pins (Pins shaped like the letter T) worked perfectly, and while it wasn’t easy to get some of the pins through the wall of my cubicle, it was well worth it!

Well it’s Christmas time again, and I started decorating today with my trusty T-Pins in hand. We’ll have to wait and see how things go this year, especially since my decorations are completely different this year. I learned a lot last year that will help me this year.

Day 336: Thank you Lord for T-Pins with my decorating at work! They’re making things so much easier this year!

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Day 332: Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving to all my American readers! I love Thanksgiving! It’s wonderful to have a day devoted to giving thanks to God for all we have. It’s something we should never forget and do everyday.

That’s what’s most important part of the holiday but I enjoy everything about the holiday. From spending time with family, (the second most important part) eating lots of food, (turkey, ham, stuffing, potatoes, pumpkin pie, etc) parades, and football. It’s always a lot of fun, memorable, and a great way to spend the day, as long as we don’t forget the purpose of the day: Giving Thanks!

Day 332: Thank you Lord for Thanksgiving day so everyone remembers to thank you for all we have from you!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!