#438: New Work Computer

At my job not everyone has a computer at their desk, and until last week I was one of those people. It didn’t matter too much because I don’t always need one, and with some of my tasks I prefer as much work space as possible. When I need a computer, most of the time I can borrow someone else’s who doesn’t need it at the moment, but not always and it could be a huge pain to find one that was available and worked. Last week they upgraded all the computers, which was LONG overdue, and I got a computer at my desk! Since I didn’t have one before it took a couple of days for it to be fully operational, but I am SO happy to finally have one! It’ll make my job so much easier especially with the new operating system the installed with the computers.

#438: Thank you Lord for my new computer at work. Not having one has caused so many problems and now most of them will be solved, and make my job so much easier.

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#423: My Boss is Back

I mentioned in a post a few weeks ago that my boss broke his ankle and has been out from work. Well today was his first day back, and let me tell you everyone in the department was glad to see him! The whole atmosphere today felt different, not that it was bad while he was gone, it was just different today and better than it has been. Everyone did their jobs well while he was gone, and many people went above and beyond their job descriptions, but I think we were all ready for him to come back so we could go back to normal.

#423: Thank you Lord that my boss is back at work, so we can go back to normal. Thank you that he is healing from his injury and help continue to heal.

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#420: Leads at Work

At my job each supervisor has a lead under them to make their job easier, and help them employees in the department. My department has three supervisors and three leads and I’m grateful for each of the leads, (because they’re awesome!) for different reasons. “J” is my direct lead and she’s had to take on a lot more responsibility recently because my supervisor broke his ankle a couple of weeks ago and is out for a while. She’s doing a great job, and I know it can’t be easy for her, but I’m grateful to have her in his absence. “F” is what I like to call the tech guru of the department. Whenever I’m having a computer problem I know I can take it to him and he can most likely fix it, or help me find a way to work around it. I like to jokingly say that he has “the magic touch” when it comes to computers. I don’t have as much contact with “E” as the other leads but when I do need him he’s always willing to help me.

#420: Thank you Lord for the leads at work. They make the supervisors’ jobs so much easier and are so helpful to the rest of us!

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#419: My Demotion

Almost exactly a year ago I got demoted at work. It happened for a variety of reasons that I don’t want to go into here, but I’ll just say many of them were my own fault. It hurt a lot, and I was embarrassed to have to move to a new department. Within the next week or so several other things happened both at work and outside that brought me to a low point.

If you were following my blog last year and are wondering why I didn’t say anything here at the time it’s because I was having a hard time finding anything to be thankful for at the time related to the whole thing, (besides that I still had a job) and I was trying to get my mind off of it as much as possible. Now that a year has passed and I’ve had time to reflect on what happened I can honestly say that I’m grateful it happened. I learned a lot about myself during that time, and how I relate to others especially non-Christians. It’s something that I still need to work on and am trying to improve, but I feel I’m heading in the right direction and I know it probably would’ve never happened if I hadn’t been demoted.

#419: Thank you Lord for my demotion and how you used it in my life to teach me.

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#413: Humor in Bad Situations

On Monday at work I accidentally flushed my work ID badge down the toilet. It happened so fast I’m not even exactly sure how it happened, but I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it or get it out. I had to go tell my boss what’d happened so I could get it a new one, and when I did I was surprised when he and the people sitting around his desk who happened to hear as well burst out laughing.

I was a bit embarrassed about what’d happened that at first I couldn’t figure out why they were laughing. But the more I thought about it I realized it was funny and I laughed too. It made me feel better about what’d happened and not as embarrassed. It’s amazing what a little appropriate humor can do in bad situations to ease the tension or make someone feel better, and I’m glad it happened in my case or I’d probably still be feeling bad about what happened.

#413: Thank you Lord for humor in bad situations, so we can feel better and not worry as much about what happened.

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#398: Holiday Pay

Since today is Labor Day and like many companies in the US the company I work for is officially closed. However, since we are currently a bit behind on our work and it always gets even more backed up when we have a weekday off, we could come in this morning for a half day of work and get paid double time for the time we worked. Since I don’t have any plans today and could use the money I went into work this morning as usual and worked. I was able to get a lot done and it was nice to get some extra money and be able to get off early!

#398: Thank you Lord for Holiday Pay so I could get some work done and get extra money for it!

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#397: Coming home for lunch

I live very close to where I work, so I can come home for lunch on occasion, which I love being able to do! I don’t do it every day or even every week, but it’s so nice to have that option. Some days I’m so tired or stressed that I need a break to relax away from work, so sometimes I just go out for lunch, but others I come home. My lunch break is just long enough that I have enough time to make it home and back, and still have enough time to relax while I eat. I often feel like I’ve spent more time at home than I actually have; and I always feel rejuvenated when I get back to work and ready for the rest of the day.

#397: Thank you Lord that I can come home for lunch from work. It makes me feel so much better when I do and I can do my job so much more efficiently!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!