#409: Polite People

I’ve had to call my doctor several times over the past few months and every time I believe I’ve talked to the same nurse who is rude, doesn’t seem to know anything, and doesn’t handle my questions well. I’ve only been going to this doctor for a short time and it’s gotten so bad that I’ve been seriously considering changing doctors so I don’t have to deal with this woman anymore. Anyway I had to call the doctor again last week and this time I talked to another person who was the complete opposite. It was such a nice change! I just wish people could be more polite, especially when they’re dealing with the public. I’ve had similar experiences at one of the branches of my bank, they’ve been so bad that I refuse to go there anymore. If you want someone’s business you need to treat them with respect! That’s why I’m so glad when someone treats me politely and respectfully, it makes my life better and I have more respect for them.

#409: Thank you Lord for polite people. They make things so much easier and I respect them so much more.

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