#403: Easily Cancelling My Debit Card

Last night someone stole my bag that contained a number of things, including my debit card. Given the circumstances it could’ve been an accident, so I decided to wait a bit to see if anyone called to say they had it. But when there hadn’t been any word by this afternoon I knew I had to cancel my debit card and order a new one. I was glad to find it was pretty easy and quick to do, and fortunately it doesn’t seem like anyone used it. But this is just the first and most pressing step of replacing everything in the bag. I’m praying hard that it truly was an accident and they’ll contact me soon, because I know most of the other stuff won’t be as easy to replace.

#403: Thank you Lord that it was so easy to cancel my debit card, and I pray that if I do have to replace the other stuff it’ll be just as easy.

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#376: 50/50 Raffle

Every payday (every other Friday) my workplace holds a 50/50 Raffle, where employees can buy tickets and half the money goes to several local kids’ charities and the other half goes to the person whose ticket is picked. It’s a great way to raise money for a good cause and if I’m in the office that day I usually buy a ticket.

This past Friday I bought my 6 tickets (they sell 1 for $1 or 6 for $5) as usual, hoping to win but not expecting to. About an hour later I heard someone call my name I turned around to see one of the HR people who handed me an envelope with “Winner” written across it. I had won the raffle! I was so excited, but in shock. I spent a lot of time thinking and praying about what I wanted to do with the money, and eventually decided to put it all towards my missions trip this summer. I think it’s so cool that God gave me this money right now and I can use it in this way for him!

#376: Thank you Lord for the 50/50 Raffle at work! I’m a little bit closer to raising the money I need for this summer, and I’m happy to be able to support great local charities along the way!

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Day 97: Money Back on Tax Returns

I did my tax returns this weekend, and was so happy to see that I’ll be getting a bit back this year. It’s so nice when you finish your tax forms and see they’ll be sending you money instead of you paying them. I mean seriously, who really wants to give the government More money than you’ve already given them?

Unfortunately, while I’ll be getting money back on one form, for the first time for me, on the other I have to pay them a bit. As you might imagine I’m very grateful for all the years when I didn’t have to pay and the money I got back!

Day 97: Thank you Lord for the money I’ve gotten back on my tax returns instead of paying more for all these years.

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