Day 175: Christian Radio

I listen to the radio quite often, it’s my alarm clock in the morning, and it’s usually what I listen to in the car. But there’s only one station I listen to: the local Christian radio station. Ok, if I’m being perfectly honest I do occasionally listen to the local light rock station, and if someone else is in charge of the dial of course I listen to whatever they chose, but when I get to decide it’s that.

Christian music is pretty much the only music I listen to along with Broadway musicals. I just don’t like secular music that much. Of course there are certain secular songs I do like, but there are few that have reached my top favorite songs at any one time. Christian music is just so edifying, I feel good when I listen to it, and I can worship God while I’m listening.

Since I don’t use iTunes or Pandora my selection of music is fairly limited which is why I enjoy Christian radio so much. I can get tired of the songs on my iPod or cds and want to hear something different so I turn on the radio. There not only do I get to hear other songs, but new ones as well. I don’t know how the DJs are on your Christian station but the ones on mine are usually interesting, funny, and have great insight into different songs and things going on in the world from a Christian perspective.

Day 175: Thank you Lord for Christian radio for how it glorifies you, builds me up, and is a witness to the world.

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Day 115: Surprises in the Mail

Even with all the technology we have today I still like getting stuff in the mail box, especially if I’m not expecting it. I like being able to hold something in my hands and read it, not on a screen. Computers and e-mail are fine, and convenient but it’s not the same as paper. Growing up I had a couple of pen pals and I enjoyed sending and receiving letters with them; checking the mailbox each day waiting for their letter.

While I was staying at my aunt’s over the weekend I spent some time looking at a book she owned, and mentioned I wouldn’t mind owning it. When I got home from work today there was a package waiting for me. My aunt had gone online and ordered the book for me! It was such a surprise, and a nice gift! It really brightened my day, and that’s what’s so nice about getting things in the mail.

Day 115: Thank you Lord for surprises in the mail, they can really brighten your day!

What are you thankful for today? Leave a Comment and let me know, I’d love to read it!