#421: Other People’s Points of View

BJ is woman who attended the church where I grew up, and let me just say she was an interesting character. She had a quirky personality that often rubbed me the wrong way. But sadly the main thing I remember about her is that she was a hoarder. We helped her move years ago and I remember her house being filled with boxes, papers, stuff, etc. that she never used and had no reason to keep. Even her car was completely filled with junk. She also went to school and got numerous degrees, but never worked and used them. She would come to the church and ask for financial help instead of going out and getting a job to use that education. I can honestly say I have a VERY hard time thinking of anything positive to say about her.

This week BJ’s house caught on fire and she died in the fire, and from the news report I saw it seems the main reason the fire department was unable to get to her in time was because of all the stuff in her house. It really is a sad story. But, what surprised me was seeing the positive things a few people on Facebook said about her. Someone said they were impressed how she went to school to fulfill her dreams, while someone else told the story of how she came to a black church to hear them sing their first solo in 30 years. These shed some new light on this woman for me, I’m glad that she was able to touch a few people’s lives.

It’s always interesting to hear someone else’s point of view on something, especially if you see it as something negative. While you might not agree with them, they may give you insight into a situation that you never had before. I like to get others opinions when I can on different subjects.

#421: Thank you Lord that not we don’t all have the same opinion on every topic. Our own opinion may not be the right one, and with others help we can get different idea, and see it in a different light.

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#420: Leads at Work

At my job each supervisor has a lead under them to make their job easier, and help them employees in the department. My department has three supervisors and three leads and I’m grateful for each of the leads, (because they’re awesome!) for different reasons. “J” is my direct lead and she’s had to take on a lot more responsibility recently because my supervisor broke his ankle a couple of weeks ago and is out for a while. She’s doing a great job, and I know it can’t be easy for her, but I’m grateful to have her in his absence. “F” is what I like to call the tech guru of the department. Whenever I’m having a computer problem I know I can take it to him and he can most likely fix it, or help me find a way to work around it. I like to jokingly say that he has “the magic touch” when it comes to computers. I don’t have as much contact with “E” as the other leads but when I do need him he’s always willing to help me.

#420: Thank you Lord for the leads at work. They make the supervisors’ jobs so much easier and are so helpful to the rest of us!

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#409: Polite People

I’ve had to call my doctor several times over the past few months and every time I believe I’ve talked to the same nurse who is rude, doesn’t seem to know anything, and doesn’t handle my questions well. I’ve only been going to this doctor for a short time and it’s gotten so bad that I’ve been seriously considering changing doctors so I don’t have to deal with this woman anymore. Anyway I had to call the doctor again last week and this time I talked to another person who was the complete opposite. It was such a nice change! I just wish people could be more polite, especially when they’re dealing with the public. I’ve had similar experiences at one of the branches of my bank, they’ve been so bad that I refuse to go there anymore. If you want someone’s business you need to treat them with respect! That’s why I’m so glad when someone treats me politely and respectfully, it makes my life better and I have more respect for them.

#409: Thank you Lord for polite people. They make things so much easier and I respect them so much more.

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#394: The People who Traveled with me this Summer

I’ve been back from my big overseas trip for almost a month now, (See post 391) and I’ve spent a lot of time since I returned reflecting on my time away especially in the last week. While some pretty cool things happened and things I need to be gratful for that I wrote about in that post, I realized I completely overlooked an important element of the trip: the people I who traveled with me! I don’t know about them, but for me they were an important part of the trip, and I have reasons to be thankful for each and every one of them!

First of all our group leader who did a fantastic job of leading our group and keeping us all on track, we would’ve been lost without him. On a personal note I was very thankful for him during one of our touring excursions where we did quite a bit of climbing. I should mention that I have a HORRIBLE fear of falling, especially falling backwards, and at one point I came pretty close to completely freaking out. The only thing that stopped me was knowing that he was right behind me.

While I’m talking about our group leader I should mention his wife, who did a great job in organizing the VBS, and her helper who developed the materials we used. The VBS had a big impact on me personally and I truly enjoyed being part of it.

Each night we had a time of singing and sharing about the day and I’m grateful for the person who led that each night. It was a great time to reflect on the day, get our focus in the right area, and hear about other people’s experiences.

I could go on and on about the other group members, but I don’t have the time. I’m grateful for the three siblings who by the end felt like my little brother and sisters. The three youngest girls for their examples of how to interact with the kids. The teenage boys for their servants hearts. My roommate for our great conversations each night. The other single woman who after we returned gave me a new perspective on the whole trip. I could say more about each person, and why I’m grateful they were on the trip, but some of it is a bit too personal to write here, so that’s all I will say.

#394: Thank you Lord for each of the people I traveled with and the impact they had on me and the people we met, may it have a lasting impact.

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#367: Cleaning and Maintenance People

I’ve been thinking about people and things we often take for granted, but things would be very different if they weren’t there. I know for me one of the main things I’ve thought about are the cleaning and maintenance people, especially at my job. Whenever the cleaning people come around and empty my trashcan I usually say thank you because I do appreciate it, especially if it’s really full. I wonder how many people in the office even truly notice all they do, I know I probably don’t.

When something’s dirty or broken the cleaning and maintenance people are the ones who have to fix it. If something’s dirty and I can clean it up I usually try to, but I know most people don’t, and there are times when it’s too big or I don’t have time to, and they have to clean or fix it. If they weren’t there everything would be broken or a complete mess, and/or people would have to spend time away from their work fixing it.

#367: Thank you Lord for cleaning and maintenance people, who do the things that need to be done so others can do what they need to do in a clean and safe environment.

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Day 340: Jesus from North Carolina

I took the train down to Virginia today for the weekend to visit family, and unfortunately the train was 40 minutes late so my Aunt and Grandmother had to wait at the station for me. When I arrived the car battery was dead and the car wouldn’t start, and because they hadn’t been able to find a parking place the car was blocking three other cars. The owner of one of those cars was on the same train as me from North Carolina and after my Aunt told him the situation he was very gracious and said he had jumper cables in his car, which unfortunately was facing the opposite direction, but he was on the end so if we could push the car back a bit he could pull out.

Well to make a long story short, because the car is fairly new we didn’t know where the hood release is and he was very nice and helped us look for it before he eventually found it using the owner’s manual. We were able to move the car just enough so he could get out, and jumped the car. When we were done, he came over to my Aunt took her hand and asked her name, she told him and asked his, he replied “My name is Jesus” (Spanish pronunciation), he told her this several times before getting in his car and driving off.

I was in the car all this time and had not heard the conversation, and when my Aunt got in the car she told us what he had said. It took a couple of minutes to realize it but that’s Jesus in Spanish! On the ride to the house we discussed him and how nice he was and how convinent it was that he was the only person to get off the train of those three cars, that he had jumper cables, repeated his name multiple times, etc. In the end we came to the conclusion that he might’ve been an angel!

I know it might sound crazy but I believe angels do exist, and do appear in human form to help us. My Aunt is convinced he was an angel because of some other stuff that happened before he showed up, while I think it’s a definite possibility. No matter if he was or not, it was definitely a God thing! I doubt he’ll ever see my blog, but I hope he knows how grateful we are for his help! (If anyone knows a Jesus who must live in northern North Carolina who was on a train to Virginia that was 40 minutes late today, please pass this along to him)

Day 340: Thank you Lord for Jesus from North Carolina and his help today, and the impact he had on our lives.

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