#387: Buying Stuff on Sale

I’ve been doing quite a bit of shopping lately, and over the weekend I found several items I needed on sale! I love finding stuff on sale, especially when it’s something I really need. It’s so nice to not have to pay full price for something, especially when it’s on the expensive end. I’m sure I’m not the only one who only buys certain items if they’re on sale. I love going to a store discovering the thing I want is on sale, it’s such a wonderful surprise and I often feel like it’s God providing for me.

#387: Thank you Lord for being able to buy stuff on sale. It’s wonderful to be able to save money on something I need or want.

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#368: Returns

This past Christmas I got a couple of gifts that unfortunately I had to return because they didn’t fit, or I needed something a little bit different. I don’t like it when I have to return a gift, and I don’t do it very often, but when something doesn’t work, doesn’t fit, or is different from what I need, then returns are necessary. I’m glad I can return it if I need to and get something else instead, especially this year because one of the things I had to return I didn’t realize it was wrong until I opened it!

#368: Thank you Lord for returns, so if something doesn’t work out then we can return it and not have it sit around our house, and we can get something else.

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Day 327: Thrift Stores

Growing up in a one-income homeschooling household money could often be tight. Fortunately, we never had to worry about clothes and a lot of other stuff because there was an awesome thrift store right down the street from us. Back then you could go in with a dollar and come out with a whole bunch of stuff. I still shop there sometimes and while their prices have increased, you can still go in with a small amount of cash and come out with quite a bit of stuff.

I love shopping at thrift stores! You never know what you’re going to find, and it’s fun to look through and try to find stuff. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been looking for something specific but also fairly odd and have found it in a thrift store. I don’t mind wearing or using stuff that someone else has used as long as it isn’t too worn. It’s so much cheaper than buying it new. Over the years I’ve also donated a lot of stuff that I’m finished with to thrift stores too. I’m done with it, and it’s nice to know someone else will be able to get some use out of it!

Day 327: Thank you Lord for Thrift Stores and how much money they saved us growing up, and all the amazing stuff I’ve been able to find there!

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Day 317: Free Samples

At work today a nearby sub shop came bringing free samples of some of their subs. (which were absolutely delicious!) I love trying free samples of different products, especially food! It’s a great way to try something out before you go out and buy it, to see if you like it and if it works for you. Of course it’s also nice when you get a free sample of something you already use not only because it’s free, but if you only need a small bit of it then you’re covered. While any kind of free sample is nice, there’ve been quite a few times when I’ve been introduced to a product by a free sample loved it, and still use it today!

Day 317: Thank you Lord for free samples, not only as a treat but as a way to find out about products I’ve never heard of before, and might not have otherwise.

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Day 316: Craft Stores

I’m starting a new Crochet project, so I needed to get more yarn, and went to the local craft store to buy some. I think it’s pretty amazing the variety of stuff you can find in a craft store, some of which I don’t normally think of as “crafts.” (I still don’t completely understand why they sell chocolate) If you’re into arts and crafts they have just about everything you need to make them. I usually go there for yarn or fabric, and when I was into scrapbooking that too. There are so many things to be found there you could spend quite a while deciding on one item, because there are so many different choices!

Day 316: Thank you Lord for Craft Stores. They make it so easy to get what you want when it comes to arts and crafts projects!

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Day 311: Coupons in the Mail

I’m planning on going shopping Saturday to get new glasses, and in the mail today I got a coupon for glasses at the store where I’m going! When I saw it I was so surprised and happy, because I’ll be able to save quite a bit of money. The timing was amazing too!

I don’t use coupons very often though I am beginning to more and more. They really come in handy especially if you’re on a budget, and can save you quite a bit of money. It’s really nice when they come in the mail too, so you don’t have to go looking for them, and sometimes you get ones for places that you wouldn’t think of looking for coupons for.

Day 311: Thank you Lord for coupons in the mail, they save so much money, and make them easier to find.

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Day 237: Super Wal-Mart

I had to go to Wal-Mart today and do some shopping, and I ended up going to the one close to where I was at the time. HUGE MISTAKE! I wasn’t thinking that tomorrow is the first day of school, and the place was PACKED! It was worse than Christmas! Plus they didn’t have what I wanted.

I ended up going to the Super Wal-Mart near my house and it was MUCH better! There were probably the same amount of people but because it was so big it wasn’t nearly as crowded. Plus they had what I wanted.

I love shopping at Wal-Mart, especially the Super Wal-Mart near me. You can go in there and find almost anything you need, and often times at a much lower price than anywhere else. I do most of my food shopping there and depending on what I’m getting I usually don’t have to go anywhere else.

Day 237: Thank you Lord for Wal-Mart and Super Wal-Mart, and all the stuff they have there at such reasonable prices.

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