#377: Paralympics

This afternoon I watched the NBC special on the Highlights of the 2014 Paralympics, and let me tell you I teared up at every story! No matter their disability or story each Paralympian is an inspiration! Like I said a in my post about the regular Olympics, I am a HUGE fan of the Olympics and watch them as much as I can. But I’ve never seen any of the Paralympics before and when I saw this special was airing I was really excited. I’ve heard stories of Paralympic athletes and seen pictures of them competing but I don’t think I’ve ever seen any actual footage before. You can hear about it, but seeing it is another thing! I loved the clip from the Opening Ceremonies that said “We show the world that what may seem impossible, IS possible!” I hope in years to come they’ll show more of the Parlympics on TV so we can all be inspired by these incredible athletes who’ve overcome so many challenges!

#377: Thank you Lord for the Paralympics so people with disabilities can compete just like regular athletes on the biggest stage in the world, and inspire everyone who watches them!

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Day 285: Sports on TV

I’ve never been to a football game, gymnastics meet, figure skating competition, or any of the other sports I watch/follow. I’d love to someday though. (I should mention I have been to a couple professional baseball games, but it’s been years, and I’m not as into baseball as I used to be) However, I don’t feel like I miss much because I watch all of them on tv.

While I know there’s nothing like being there and watching sports live right in front of you, and I’d love to go someday, I really enjoy watching them on tv. When you see them on tv you get a close up look at everything going on, along with commentary if it’s something you’re not very familiar with, and you can watch it again if you missed something. You can also see events from all over the country and world that you would normally have no chance of seeing without spending a lot of time and money, and you can see events that went on simultaneously that even if you saw one live it’d be impossible to see the other.

Day 285: Thank you Lord for sports on TV, so we can see sporting events from all over the world without having to travel, and get an up close view of them.

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Day 61: Gymnastics

I’ve already written about two of my favorite sports, and since the third was on tv this afternoon I thought I should write about it. Unlike Figure Skating and Football, I actually tried Gymnastics when I was little, mainly because my best friend was doing it. I really don’t remember that much about it, besides walking across the balance beam. I can’t do hand stands or cartwheels, so I only did it for a short while.

It wasn’t until the months leading up to the 1996 Summer Olympics that I really got interested in the sport. I remember watching the US Nationals, and getting excited for the Olympics, then when the US Women won the gold I was ecstatic! I became obsessed with the “Magnificent Seven” and even started using the pen name “Dominique Kerry”, after my two favorite gymnasts on the team.

While I’m not as obsessed with gymnastics as I was back then, I do love watching it. I used to only watch the women, but as time has passed I’ve become interested in the men too. I like the different events in a competition, each one uses different skills, which makes it more interesting to me. I love the combination of athletic ability and artistry which I think is even more evident in gymnastics than figure skating. It’s amazing for me to watch people fly so high in the air, then come down and land on their feet.

Day 61: Thank you Lord for gymnastics, and the amazing things you can see human beings do there.

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Day 34: Courtney Hicks

Courtney Hicks is a figure skater who placed fourth at this year’s US National Championships in Ladies. I had never heard of her before the competition and enjoyed watching her skate, especially after learning she’s coming back from breaking her leg last year. Yesterday was the broadcast of the exhibition after the competition and after seeing her skate again I like her even more based on the song she chose to skate to “What Faith Can Do” by Kutless.

I don’t know for sure whether or not Courtney is a Christian, but based on her song choice I’m going to guess she is. It was refreshing to see a skater use a Christian song, something I don’t ever remember seeing before. I know of several skaters who are Christians, but as far as I know none of them have used Christian music. (In fact I’ve been shocked a few times at their choice of music) I hope this will be an encouragement to other skaters to use Christian music and be a witness to the skating world.

Day 34: Thank you Lord for Courtney Hicks and her use of “What Faith Can Do.” May it serve as a witness to everyone who sees her skate that program, and be an encouragement to others.

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Day 26: Figure Skating

I still remember the first time I saw my favorite sport figure skating during the 1992 Winter Olympics. I loved the combination of athleticism and music, and have loved it ever since. While I have never actual skated myself I love watching it and imagining what it’s like to fly around the ice.

I enjoy watching all four disciplines of the sport: Men’s, Women’s, Pairs and Ice Dance. (if they ever broadcast syncro I’ll probably watch that too) I have my favorite current and all-time athletes in each, as well as favorite routines in each discipline. I particularly enjoy watching routines to music from movies and Broadway shows I am familiar with, this helps me enjoy the routine even more.

This weekend is the US National Figure Skating Championships and as usual I am glued to the tv watching them. Routing for my favorites and watching the newcomers succeed or fail, agreeing or disagreeing with the judges. I know some people don’t like sports that are completely based on judges’ points but for me this adds to the fun. I can agree or disagree with them, which helps me get into it more and adds to the excitement and tension of the sport.

Day 26: Thank you Lord for an exciting sport like Figure Skating. It is such a beautiful blend of athleticism and artistry.

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