#441: Computer not working

If you’re wondering why I haven’t posted in a while, it’s because my laptop has been having issues lately, and I haven’t been able to use it consistently. Of course there are other computers that I could’ve used to post, but I have to share them and I don’t always have a lot of time.

This time has been really good for me, shortly before this all started I was beginning to realize that I was wasting too much time on my computer when I could’ve been using my time much more productively. Now that I haven’t been able to use my computer I have been spending time doing more meaningful things, (though I will admit probably not as much as I should) still, God has used this time to show me things about how I use my time that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise.

#441: Thank you Lord for this time when my computer hasn’t worked and what you’ve taught me about how I use my time as a result.

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#438: New Work Computer

At my job not everyone has a computer at their desk, and until last week I was one of those people. It didn’t matter too much because I don’t always need one, and with some of my tasks I prefer as much work space as possible. When I need a computer, most of the time I can borrow someone else’s who doesn’t need it at the moment, but not always and it could be a huge pain to find one that was available and worked. Last week they upgraded all the computers, which was LONG overdue, and I got a computer at my desk! Since I didn’t have one before it took a couple of days for it to be fully operational, but I am SO happy to finally have one! It’ll make my job so much easier especially with the new operating system the installed with the computers.

#438: Thank you Lord for my new computer at work. Not having one has caused so many problems and now most of them will be solved, and make my job so much easier.

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#435: E-mailing to another country

Now that I’m back from my big trip I really miss the people I met there, fortunately there’s an easy way to keep in touch: e-mail! Since my return I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with several people I met there. It’s great to be able to keep in touch and hear what’s going on in their lives and share about mine. I hope we can keep it up and build better relationships. I still miss being there and being with them, but it’s better than nothing.

#435: Thank you Lord that I can easily e-mail the people I met on my trip. Help me to keep this communication going and develop my relationships with them.

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#418: People Remembering their Cell Phones

Over the weekend something I was going to was cancelled at the last-minute. I needed to get in touch with someone else so they’d know not to go, after calling them three times and texting once I wasn’t able to get in touch with them. I knew they had to go somewhere else beforehand, and as I found out later, they accidentally left their cell phone at home. Unfortunately as a result they drove all the way to the other side of town only to discover it’d been cancelled. I know I did everything I could to get in touch with them, but I still feel bad that they drove all the way over there when they didn’t need to. I have a feeling they won’t forget their cell phone again for a while!

#418: Thank you Lord for when people remember their cell phones when they go out. It makes getting in touch with them so much easier!

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#395: When Technology Works

I had a couple of really frustrating days at work this week when the equipment/technology I need to do my job wasn’t working properly. It was so annoying because I couldn’t do my job, had to try to figure out how to fix it or get someone else to do it. But it made me grateful for the days when it is working properly and I can do my job without any problems or delays. It makes things so much easier and less stressful and frustrating.

#395: Thank you Lord for the days when my equipment at work is working correctly so I can do my job!

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Day 330: Restarting the Computer

Shortly after sending an e-mail at work today my computer went completely haywire, bringing up a screen with the e-mail I had replied to over one hundred times. I shut down the computer, restarted it, and after a short fluke, it worked fine for the rest of the day. It’s amazing to me how many computer problems can be fixed by just shutting it down and restarting it. Of course that doesn’t solve every problem, but nine times out of ten it works!

I remember when I first started using computers I was so nervous about trying new things and breaking the computer. Whenever I started using a new program, one of the first things I always wanted to know was how to get out of it, because if something went wrong I would often panic, and try to get out of the program as soon as possible. Sometimes the only way to stop it would be to restart the computer. Thank goodness I got over that! Though sometimes still when my computer goes haywire even if I know it was nothing I did, I feel that way again. Thank the Lord that if nothing else works I can shut it down and hopefully it’ll work again.

Day 330: Thank you Lord for being able to restart the computer when there’s a problem, it makes me feel so much more comfortable on the computer knowing that if something goes wrong and I can always do that if nothing else works!

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Day 308: Headphones That Work

Because I can listen to my iPod at work I use it a lot, but last week my right headphone started cutting in and out. It was super annoying and while I could still listen it could be difficult. I went and got new ones that work great and I’m SO happy! Listening to music and books on tape really help me concentrate on my work, which was hard when I kept getting distracted by sound coming in and out in one ear and trying to fix it. Hopefully these new ones will last me a while and once I get used to the way they fit into my ear I’ll be good to go!

Day 308: Thank you Lord for headphones that work, so I don’t have to fiddle with them and can focus on my job!

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