#435: E-mailing to another country

Now that I’m back from my big trip I really miss the people I met there, fortunately there’s an easy way to keep in touch: e-mail! Since my return I’ve been e-mailing back and forth with several people I met there. It’s great to be able to keep in touch and hear what’s going on in their lives and share about mine. I hope we can keep it up and build better relationships. I still miss being there and being with them, but it’s better than nothing.

#435: Thank you Lord that I can easily e-mail the people I met on my trip. Help me to keep this communication going and develop my relationships with them.

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#402: Friends with Vacation Homes

I spent this past weekend at the beach, staying at the beach house of a family friend. While there are several things I can think of that I’m thankful for related to the weekend, the main one I want to focus on is having friends with vacation homes. Who doesn’t like to get a way for a few days or a week? But it can get expensive especially if you have to find a hotel room. That’s why its so nice to know people who have vacation homes, it cuts out most of that cost, its more convenient, and you don’t have to be out of there by a certain time the day you leave.

#402: Thank you Lord that I know people who have vacation homes who let me use them to get away when I need a vacation. It can make things so much easier and less stressful.

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#394: The People who Traveled with me this Summer

I’ve been back from my big overseas trip for almost a month now, (See post 391) and I’ve spent a lot of time since I returned reflecting on my time away especially in the last week. While some pretty cool things happened and things I need to be gratful for that I wrote about in that post, I realized I completely overlooked an important element of the trip: the people I who traveled with me! I don’t know about them, but for me they were an important part of the trip, and I have reasons to be thankful for each and every one of them!

First of all our group leader who did a fantastic job of leading our group and keeping us all on track, we would’ve been lost without him. On a personal note I was very thankful for him during one of our touring excursions where we did quite a bit of climbing. I should mention that I have a HORRIBLE fear of falling, especially falling backwards, and at one point I came pretty close to completely freaking out. The only thing that stopped me was knowing that he was right behind me.

While I’m talking about our group leader I should mention his wife, who did a great job in organizing the VBS, and her helper who developed the materials we used. The VBS had a big impact on me personally and I truly enjoyed being part of it.

Each night we had a time of singing and sharing about the day and I’m grateful for the person who led that each night. It was a great time to reflect on the day, get our focus in the right area, and hear about other people’s experiences.

I could go on and on about the other group members, but I don’t have the time. I’m grateful for the three siblings who by the end felt like my little brother and sisters. The three youngest girls for their examples of how to interact with the kids. The teenage boys for their servants hearts. My roommate for our great conversations each night. The other single woman who after we returned gave me a new perspective on the whole trip. I could say more about each person, and why I’m grateful they were on the trip, but some of it is a bit too personal to write here, so that’s all I will say.

#394: Thank you Lord for each of the people I traveled with and the impact they had on me and the people we met, may it have a lasting impact.

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Day 206: Savannah

(For today’s Daily Prompt) My closest friend is… someone I’ve never met in person. I know that might sound weird but it’s absolutely true! Some people meet their husband or wife online, I met my best friend! Her name is Savannah and she lives on the opposite side of the country from me. We met on Facebook because her family adopted a girl I met overseas.

I still remember accepting her friend request, she Facebook chatted me right away. She wanted to hear all about her little sister and we really hit it off. We talked several times over the next few days, then I’m not sure why but I gave her my phone number. That was almost three years ago, and now we talk most days often for hours on Facebook chat or the phone.

She’s one of the most open and honest people I’ve ever known, I feel like I can tell her anything and I think she feels the same way. She’s provided amazing insight into my life and I’ve been able to speak into hers as well. She challenges me in my faith and makes me think, while we don’t always agree on everything I know I’m a better person and have a stronger faith as a result. We’re both writers, and send each other pieces of whatever we’re working on for the other to read and comment on.

Of course I have other friends who live closer and I see all the time, but I don’t think I’ve ever been as close to anyone like Savannah. I know we may never meet this side of heaven, and while that makes me sad, I wouldn’t change our friendship for anything! I’m so glad the Lord put her in my life, and I know I’m a better person because of her.

Day 206: Thank you Lord for placing Savannah in my life, thank you for the way she speaks into my life and has made me a better person.

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Day 202: Talking to Friends on the Phone

Today I was able to talk to two of my good friends who live far away on the phone. I love being talking to people on the phone, especially when I don’t see them very much. It’s so nice to hear their voice and have a conversation with them like we’re in the same room. I like texting and Facebook chatting but it takes time to type, and conversations don’t always flow naturally, like they do on the phone.

Day 202: Thank you Lord for times when I talk to friends on the phone, it’s so wonderful to be able to have a conversation with someone especially if they’re far away, and be able to hear their voice.

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Day 182: Reconnecting with People

Over the weekend I talked with two people I haven’t seen in years. One on Facebook Chat, the other when they came to visit my church. I like it when I randomly run into someone I haven’t seen in years, or they contact me. It’s such a wonderful surprise, and I enjoy catching up with them, and talking about old times.

I hadn’t seen or had any contact with the person I saw on Sunday for at least ten years, but a few weeks ago they randomly popped into my head for some reason, so I was excited when I saw them, and really enjoyed talking with them. I’ve seen the person I talked with on Facebook a bit more recently, and we’ve been Facebook friends for a long time, but they rarely post anything, and I’d forgotten we were Facebook friends. It was wonderful to talk with them, a lot has happened since the last time we talked, and it was wonderful to catch up. I enjoyed talking with both these people so much and I hope I can keep in contact with them.

Day 182: Thank you Lord for times when I reconnect with people I haven’t seen in years, it’s so wonderful to catch up with them.

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Day 130: Friends in Hard Times

This week has been really hard for me. I keep crying at random times because of the death of my friend’s dad. Today I was able to get together with a bunch of people who know the family, and some of the family was there too. It was good to get together with others who are grieving as well, to support each other and pray for the family.

All week I’ve been able to talk with friends some who know the family, others who don’t, and it’s been really good for me. They’ve really been able to help me deal with what’s been going on and I am truly grateful for them. When hard times come it’s good to know there are people who will talk with you or let you talk, pray with you and help you through the situation.

Day 130: Thank you Lord for friends during hard times who will help you cope with the situation and pray with you.

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